Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow Are More Similar Than You Think

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At Cannes Kim Kardashian was caught wearing the same belly-baring Pucci dress that Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the 2011 Emmys.

It's a little odd that these two celebs would have a similar sense of style, especially since they both chose to wear a dress that looks like grandma's old white lace table cloth dyed black. However, Gwyn and Kim actually have a lot more in common than you think. Here's a look at how they're similar:

They've Both Endorsed Diet Plans

Gwyneth is such a big fan of detox diets that she started selling a special "cleanse" kit on her GOOP website - the kit recommends a diet of one low-calorie meal a day, two goopy protein shakes, and tasty vitamins. But of course some diet experts aren't fans of the kit, claiming that taking diet advice from celebs probably isn't the best idea.

And those following the Kardashian-endorsed diet plan found that out the hard way. While Gwyn encourages dieters to make sacrifices, Kim and her sisters tried to push a magic weight loss pill on their "dolls" - they even posed in bikinis to prove that it really works. However, they're now getting sued since the active ingredient in the weight loss supplement QuickTrim is caffeine, and the FDA has determined that this stimulant is not "safe or effective."

They Both Have Short-Tempered Significant Others

Kim and Gwyn are both dating beloved musicians who are definitely not fans of the paparazzi. In 2003 Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was arrested for attacking a paparazzo's car in Australia, and he tackled one photographer to the ground in 2008 outside New York's Mount Sinai Medical Center. Kanye West was also arrested in 2008 for allegedly smashing a photographer's camera. Hopefully he's learned to be a little more accepting of the paparazzi now that he's dating their biggest fan.

They've Both Tried Singing

If you ever wanted to hear an auto-tuned Kim say "yeah," "they playin' my jam," and "turn it up" about 30 times, then maybe you were one of the few fans of her song "Jam (Turn It Up)." However, it turns out that her old frenemy Paris Hilton is a better "artist" than she is. And so is Gwyneth, who proved to be a much stronger singer by going country in the movie "Country Strong." Showing off her vocals might not have won her another Oscar, but at least she didn't get ridiculed like Kimmy.

They're Both in Movies

Kim is trying to make everyone forget that she was in "Disaster Movie" by starring in Tyler Perry's "The Marriage Counselor." It's safe to say that she'll never land an Oscar-winning role like Gwyneth's "Shakespeare in Love" part (can you imagine Kim trying to pull off looking like a boy with her curves?), but she might help "The Marriage Counselor" be bigger at the box office than "Country Strong" was - Tyler Perry basically admitted that he cast her in the movie so that her legions of dolls would go watch it.

But while this talented blonde actress with a boyish figure and this curvy reality show star have so much in common, there's one big thing that sets them apart - Beyonce. Kim might not covet Gwyneth's slim figure or her Oscar, but she would die to have the actress' amazing friendship with Jay-Z's wife. However, rumor has it that Bey is banning Kim from her circle of famous friends, and who can blame her? She's probably trying to avoid that awkward moment when Kim begs her to be on one of her reality shows.

So unfortunately for Kim, she's probably going to have to do a lot more than dress like Gwyneth to become one of Bey's best buds.

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