Kim Kardashian Gets Majorly Dissed by Maxim

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Maxim magazine just released its Hot 100 list, which was loaded with curvy babes like Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, and Christina Hendricks. However, there was one bootylicious babe noticeably absent from the list - tabloid darling Kim Kardashian.

Maxim readers voted on which women made the Hot 100 this year, and Kim should definitely feel dissed based on who she got beat by -- male TV host Stephen Colbert snagged 69th place, while a cartoon character with a voice like Fran Drescher, Lois Griffin from "Family Guy," finished 85th. Supermodel Bar Refaeli snagged the number 1 spot. So why didn't men vote for Kim?

Kim's reality shows obviously are meant to appeal to women - Kim even calls her fans "dolls." Her devoted dolls tune in to watch the plastic princess struggle to emote because they aspire to be her - they want her closet, her expensive hair extensions, her jet-setting lifestyle, and her famous friends. Perhaps the men dating these Kim dolls are finally being forced to watch some of her reality series and have finally realized just how superficial, annoying, and boring Kim really is.

Or maybe the guys sided with Kris Humphries after her 72-day marriage to the NBA star. Sports fans were made well aware of the Dash & Humph wedding whether they liked it or not, and they later had to hear about Kim divorcing Kris. Since the couple's over-the-top wedding was turned into an E! special, men might have seen the whole thing as a sham meant to get ratings. Guys are well aware that there are women out there who are so worried about getting their fairytale wedding that they don't really care about who they're marrying, so it's possible that they labeled Kim as being this type of batty bride.

It also doesn't help Kim's case that two of the world's biggest men's men in the world bashed her and her family - Daniel Craig and Jon Hamm both labeled her a "f***ing idiot." And when James Bond and Don Draper speak, men are going to pay attention.

It's probably also frightening guys that Kim seems to be morphing into her momager Kris Jenner. She was recently photographed wearing a short, black wig that made her look a little too much like her mommy dearest, and she also seems to have inherited her controlling attitude. Momma Jenner recently showed her pushy side by trying to push a DNA test on daughter Khloe Kardashian, while Kim is allegedly trying to control Kanye by banning girls from being backstage after his Watch the Throne concerts. It was always her way or the highway with the Humph, too, and she really showed just how much she's like her momager when she tried to push little sister Kendall Jenner to pursue a modeling career. If "Dance Moms" is on a decade from now, don't be surprised to see Kim on the show. Plus just like poor, neglected Bruce Jenner, whoever ends up settling down with Kim for more than 72 days will have to be fine with Kim putting her brand before her man.

But while Maxim readers have seemingly grown tired of the overexposed entertainer, Kim can take comfort in knowing that the readers of Zoo magazine voted her the hottest woman in the world. Unfortunately this news broke on the same day that the Maxim Hot 100 was announced, so it probably got overlooked by most people.

Zoo is a U.K. lad mag, so it looks like Kim still has plenty of male fans across the pond (probably because they don't know as much about her). So here's what she should take from topping that list and getting dissed by Maxim: she really needs to move to the U.K.

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