Kim Kardashian Divorce Trial Set for May: Can Kris Humphries Prove Marriage was a Hoax?

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Kim Kardashian Divorce Trial Set for May: Can Kris Humphries Prove Marriage was a Hoax?

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Kim Kardashian

She may star in a so-called reality TV show, but her soon-to-be ex-husband believes his marriage to Kim Kardashian was a fake out. Kris Humphries will go head-to-head with his ephemeral wife in May when a judge will decide if the marriage was for realz or a fraud.

With the rose-petaled romantic proposal and fairytale wedding straight out of a Lifetime movie, the hunky basketball player will try to prove his marriage to the curvy brunette was made in Hollywood, not heaven. He is asking for an annulment instead of a divorce because he reportedly was deceived the marriage was legitimate instead of a made-for-TV event in which he was cast as the clueless husband.

Here are some reasons the court may side with Humphries:

E! May Have Played Matchmaker

A celebrity web site reported in 2011 that E! -- the network that airs the Kardashian reality TV shows -- approached Danilo Gallinari to romance Kim as part of the cable channel's premiere season of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York," allegedly enticing the Italian b-baller with promises of fame and fortune. Not long after the former Nicks player basically said "thanks, but no thanks," Kim "coincidentally" met Kris and started dating him instead.

Kim Wooed Cash Sponsors for Wedding Coverage

Unlike most brides who spend wads of cash on their nuptials, the Kardashian-Humphries wedding was more like a license to mint money. Between the $1.5 million paid by People magazine to publish exclusive wedding photos, $100,000 from OK! to cover the bridal shower and up to $100,000 from Us Weekly for honeymoon pics, the marriage resulted in a big financial windfall.

Kris Was Missing from People's Wedding Cover

A revealing photograph on the cover of People magazine depicted Kim Kardashian by herself, with photos of Kris relegated to inside pages. Though the celebrity magazine does not always feature the groom on its wedding covers, especially when the bride is more famous, it included Reese Witherspoon's relatively no-name spouse, Jim Toth. Sure, this does not prove the Kardashian-Humphries wedding was a sham, but it reinforces the idea that Kris was just a supporting actor in Kim's scripted melodrama.

Newlyweds Moved in with the Bride's Sister

Though some couples crash with relatives to save money when they're first married, Kim's decision to share an apartment with her sister Kourtney's family in New York City was almost inexplicable. The only logical reason for this financially comfortable couple to move in with the bride's sister, nephew and ersatz brother-in-law is that Kim knew the tight living quarters would create lots of juicy drama for her reality TV show -- a goal that ran afoul of getting her marriage off to a good start. Even worse, it seems a tad suspicious that Kris - who, if you recall, was Kim's missing puzzle piece just a few month before -- was now edited to look like a big doofus, presumably part of the plot to create a plausible motive for the couple's rapid split.

Though we'll have to wait until May to find out how this final scene of the HumpDashian marriage plays out, Kris Humphries can take comfort in the fact that his now-pregnant-by-another-man-soon-to-be-ex-wife will not get to script the conclusion to her surreal movie.

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