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Kim Kardashian might be well on her way to becoming a wedding addict like Elizabeth Taylor if recent rumors are to be believed. The reality show star has just settled into married life, but Kris Humphries is reportedly already tired of his famous wife. So let the divorce proceedings begin!

Even if Kris and Kim aren't calling it quits, one has to wonder if Kim and her mother are trying to add fuel to the fires burning in the rumor mills with their recent actions. Last week they went to Dubai together without Humph, which is just a little bit surprising -- wouldn't Kim want to have fun with her hubby in an exotic location? Then again, the fact that he stayed behind could signify that he's already grown tired of Kim's lifestyle full of promotional appearances.

There has been some supposed photographic evidence of an eminent divorce, but it's rather iffy -- on Thursday Kris was spotted carrying moving boxes out of New York City's Gansevoort Hotel, where he and Kim have been staying. His wedding ring was not on his finger. Apparently the moving boxes didn't mean anything since the whole Kardashian clan was moving out after finishing filming for the next season of "Kim & Kourtney Take New York." And Kris has a history of not wearing his wedding ring -- he was photographed without it while he was on his honeymoon, so it's hard to read too much into the lack of bling on his finger. Plus his wife is also guilty of not wearing hers at all times -- she's admitted to removing it when she goes to the gym.

However, there are already tons of rumors about Kris cheating on Kim. He allegedly contacted his ex Bianka Kamber during a trip to Toronto, but rumors of his flirtations with other women actually began the week before his wedding -- he was spotted cozying up two blondes at the Hollywood hotspot Skybar (the crazy thing is, Kris probably attracts more girls than he used to now that he's connected to Kim).

And the cheating reports don't end there. While Kim was in Dubai, Kris was spotted walking into a bar holding hands with a blonde that might have been his sister's best friend (he really seems to believe that blondes do have more fun after being wed to a bossy brunette). While his wifey was away he also got a little play in the form of a lap dance from a girl at a club, and he's reportedly racking up quite the collection of cell phone numbers.

There are allegations that Kim has already contacted a divorce attorney and that she's been living separately from Kris in an NYC hotel. Kris is also no longer being represented by Kim's agents, and she's planning her 2012 itinerary (a.k.a. her filming schedule) without him.

And even when Kim and Kris are spotted together, their relationship is subject to scrutiny. After Kim got back from Dubai, she decided to enjoy a girls' night out with her pal LaLa Vazquez instead of spending time with her hubby. They did go out to dinner together the night after, but it was reportedly not a romantic outing -- Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian joined them, and a source stated that the double date was staged for "Kim & Kourtney Take New York."

To make matters worse, everybody hates Kris (at least all of the Kardashian clan members do), and an astrologer has predicted that Kim and Kris will divorce before 2012 so that Kim can spend the year rebuilding her life (in front of the cameras, of course).

So it seems that there are plenty of reasons for the couple to get divorced -- they're always fighting; Kris is acting like he's single; they annoy one another endlessly; Kris is an obnoxious d-bag; Kim is a control freak; and Kim might have to move to some horrifying place like Minnesota because of Kris' basketball career.

Then again, their bickering and time apart could just be a crisis created for the cameras -- after all, in Kim's world, any publicity is good publicity. And even if Kris does decide to divorce her after he gets tired of it all, that just means Kim can slide another groom in for her next perfect fairytale wedding.

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