How Kim Kardashian Could Cash in on Her New Baby

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How Kim Kardashian Could Cash in on Her New Baby

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Kim Kardashian

The woman who turned her marriage to a basketball star into a multi-million dollar business deal has found another lucrative way to make money from her personal life. Though still married to Kris Humphries, the controversial reality TV star is pregnant with rapper Kanye West's baby and has already been offered a quarter-million dollar sign-on bonus to help launch a new pregnancy website.

Armenian film maker David Dginguerian wants to feature the pregnant Kimster on a membership-only website called He estimates the site could spin off at least 100K a month that Kardashian could donate to the "Christian charity" of her choice and suggested the website would be a great way for fans to stay up-to-the-minute on her pregnancy.

And here we thought that's what her blog and Twitter feed were for.

Still, this proves some people think the world can't get enough of the pregnant princess's daily minutiae, especially now that she is about to produce a mini-me. But even if the proposed website shows explicit photos of her tummy and details every food craving and fetal kick she experiences, we think there are better ways the media magnet could convert her new offspring into cash.

24/7 Babycam

Though almost every instant of her adult life seems to be digitally recorded, think of all the years before the diminutive diva became famous that went undocumented. The shrewd businesswoman could make sure KimYe Jr. does not have to endure the same anonymity by having a camera follow him or her around constantly, ensuring no adorable moments -- or moneymaking opportunities -- are missed. Meanwhile, subscriptions to the feed would create a tidy college or stiletto fund for the child.

Karmashian Baby Food and Kardiapers

The savvy celebrity -- who has already licensed her name to blue jeans, home goods and perfume -- could turn next to the baby aisle of the grocery store. A new line of Karmashian baby food could be a big seller, with Kim's beaming face appearing on labels of Mad for Bananas and Saucy Apple, followed by the launch of Kardiapers, a special line of nappies for babies with bigger bottoms.

Goodbye Honey Boo Boo, Hello Baby KimYe

Not waiting for her divorce from Kris Humphries to be final, it's possibly Kim rushed into getting pregnant because of media rival Honey Boo Boo. The successful reality TV star may have created a competing child to get the spotlight off the redneck pageant girl before she makes Kim's eventual offspring irrelevant and unprofitable. No word from E!, but we wouldn't be surprised if a "Keeping Up with Kim and Kanye's Baby" reality TV show is already in the works.

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