Kim Kardashian Clone Claims Resemblance to Curvy Celeb a Coincidence

Is Melissa Molinaro a Slim Kim?

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Is Melissa Molinaro a miniature Kim Kardashian?

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Is Melissa Molinaro a miniature Kim Kardashian?

After Kim Kardashian sued Old Navy for using a woman whom she claims was intended to look like her in one of its TV commercials, the alleged imposter told "E!" that her resemblance to the Armenian beauty was a coincidence.

Melissa Molinaro alleges the email sent out by Old Navy to cast the TV commercial said the clothing store was looking for someone for its "Super C-U-T-E" commercial who could lip sync for a singer "with a vocal style that borrows influences from such legends as Prince, David Bowie and Madonna." The Canadian model added that Old Navy sought a model who had a fashion style like Prince, Lady Gaga, Madonna and David Bowie and -- most importantly -- it did not mention Kim Kardashian once in its email.

Molinaro's comments could make mincemeat of Kardashian's lawyers' allegations that the budget boutique intentionally used someone who looked like the sexy middle sister of Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian to jazz up sales of its jeans.

Molinaro flattered by Kardashian comparison

Though she could end up making millions from being propelled into the wide shadow of Kim Kardashian's spotlight, Molinaro said she was surprised when high school friends and family members started calling her to tell her she looked like the pop icon on the commercial, which she took as "an amazing compliment. . . . . She is a beautiful woman in her own right," said Molinaro of her more famous lookalike. "I'm flattered."

But being compared to sexy celebs is old hat for Molinaro. "I get told I look like a lot of famous people . . . Eva Longoria, Nicole Scherzinger, Vanessa Marcil, Fergie," she said. "I think I look like Melissa Molinaro."

Is Melissa a Slim Kim?

The slender model admitted she sometimes gets told she looks like a "little Kim K" or "little petite Kim K" but that she is compared to other famous femme fatales far more frequently.

If Kardashian is able to prove that Old Navy used a model who looked like her on purpose she could win millions in her lawsuit, but the former Pussy Cat Doll wannabe has far more to gain. Despite her triple threat talents as a dancer, singer and actress, the former Melissa Smith -- who swapped out her last name for her mother's more mellifluous maiden name -- was not exactly a household name before the Old Navy flap made her a media mini-sensation.

No More Melissa Who?

No matter who wins the lawsuit, Melissa Molinaro is guaranteed to win at least 15 minutes of fame which -- if she resembles the clever Kardashian in more than just looks -- she could parlay into becoming a paparazzi pet with whom other unknowns end up get compared.

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