Should Kim Kardashian Care About Kanye West’s Alleged Sex Tape?

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Should Kim Kardashian Care About Kanye West’s Alleged Sex Tape?

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Kim Kardashian isn't the only big sister that will have to move over for little sisters Kylie Jenner …

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian might have a lot more in common than a passion for fashion - a sex tape starring Yeezy and a Kim look-alike is allegedly being shopped around.

According to Radar Online, the 20 minute video reportedly begins with Kanye making an unidentified woman state that she is over the age of 18. She also reveals that she's married by saying, "My husband and I don't have sex anymore... that's why I'm here!"

According to an unnamed source, Kanye is "freaking out" about the sex tape that was supposedly shot shortly before he started dating Kim.

But why would Yeezy be worried? Surely Kim wouldn't leave him for doing something that she's guilty of doing herself, and it's not like the existence of a Kanye sex tape is that big of a surprise - he let everyone know that he's a fan of homemade videos by bragging about Kim being "a superstar from a home movie" in his song "Clique."

According to another recent report, Kanye used to watch Kim's sex tape with Ray J to "get him in the mood" while he was with other women, so perhaps Kim's tape is what inspired him to make one of his own. Maybe he even watched hers shortly before making his.

If the tape actually exists and ends up getting released, here are a few reasons why Kim shouldn't be upset about it (besides the fact that getting angry over it would be just a tad hypocritical):

It's freakishly flattering

Kim could see it as a compliment that Kanye was so infatuated with her before they got together that he just had to be with a woman that looks like her. She should be just fine as long as Kanye's costar doesn't turn out to be Melissa Molinaro, Kim's Old Navy ad look-alike who dated her ex Reggie Bush.

Kim could drag another look-alike to court

Kim sued Old Navy for using her look-alike in an ad campaign, so maybe she could sue her sex tape look-alike if she ever tries to pursue fame. If Kanye's costar tries to follow in Kim's footsteps by landing her own reality show, Kim could claim that her second doppelganger is trying to profit from looking like her, and she could proceed to sue the pants off of the look-alike and whichever network tries to hire her.

Her own sex tape won't seem so bad

Kanye is a big star who is consider talented by a lot of people, so surely his sex tape will make less-talented Kim feel better about her own. Now all Yeezy has to do is claim that "home movies" are some form of high art.

So who wants to place bets on when the inevitable "Kimye" tape gets "leaked?"

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