Kim Kardashian: The Butt of Jokes?! Celebs Mocking Celebrities

'The Country Music Awards,' Mariah Carey and 'Saturday Night Live'

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Kim Kardashian's marathon wedding special lasted for two nights and four hours on E! I can truly say that "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event" was the best wedding that I've never attended.

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Kim Kardashian's marathon wedding special lasted for two nights and four hours on E! I can truly say …

Now that Kim Kardashian's "Fairytale Wedding" has gone down in flames fans wonder what's next. She's not home nursing a broken heart if that's what you think. As we speak, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" performer is in preparation to star in a new Tyler Perry movie. No word yet on whether Tyler or Kimmie will get top billing. Kim's also got her Kardashian Kollection at Sears, perfumes, books and other businesses to keep her warm.

Meanwhile, after her quickie meeting with ex hubbie to be Kris Humphries and his preacher is Minnesota went nowhere, celebs have wasted no time in adding insult to injury. Hollywood is a tough town. Being married two or three times is no big deal so it seems odd that they would make KK a scapegoat. Could it be that they bought into the fairytale like the rest of us reality TV watchers?

Celebs Mock Kim Kard... Hard!

"The Country Music Awards"

Kim may not be a little bit country or rock and roll but that didn't stop her from being the butt of a very funny song at the "CMAs" telecast. Presenter Eric Stonestreet of "Modern Family" kicked it off by introducing a song about "the divorce of Kim Kardashian and what's his name!" He then launched into a tune with Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

The little ditty reveled in the fact that the Dash girl was only married for 72 days. Here are the jazzy lyrics: "I'm going to love you forever, or 72 days Amen, as long as Justin Bieber is not a conceiver, as long as Taylor Swift is with her current boyfriend. I'm going to love you for 20 million dollars, for a hit TV series or pics in Us Weekly, for 72 Days, Amen."

"Saturday Night Live"

Fans and frenemies alike are still rolling after the outrageous treatment of the Kardashians on "SNL." The whole family was skewered in the parody. The NBC comedy team portrayed the mom Kris and a wannabe, hubbie Humphries as brain dead and Kim as vapid. Is this hitting below the belt?

Mariah Carey

Mariah held a press conference to unveil her new post-pregnancy weight loss. She's the celeb spokesperson for Jenny, formerly known as Jenny Craig. While dishing about her gorgeous twins and happy marriage to Nick Cannon, Mimi quipped, "Sometimes we make each other mad, that's why we aren't divorced after four months." Ouch. Later, of course, she apologized and said that she was not referring to Ms. Kardashian.

So what do you think of celebs making fun of celebs during the tough times? When you are a reality star is everything up for laughs and grabs? Or do you sympathize with Kimmie K and her divorce troubles?

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