Kim Kardashian Will Appear on 'Drop Dead Diva'

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Kim Kardashian is ready for her closeup on Season 4 of the popular "Drop Dead Diva." The comedy meets fantasy series with dramatic moments follows a former fashion model who now inhabits the body of a plus-sized woman played by Brooke Elliott. KK will guest star on multiple episodes. Former celeb guest stars include Kathy Griffin, Paula Abdul and Margaret Cho.

Kim's showing off her appearance in the show's video trailer on her site. The short preview kicks off with the tagline, "This June, the only thing better than a diva is two divas." The show's writers even have some fun at Kim's expense. At one point she utters, "If only I could figure out a way to make money as myself." To which our main character Jane responds, "You know that it's okay not to express every single thought."

Kimmie tells her blog readers, "I can't wait for the... premiere of Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime!! I had so much fun on set with the cast and I think you guys are going to love this episode!" She goes on to explain, "I play Nikki, Fred's new love interest, who goes into a new business venture with his ex-girlfriend Stacy!"

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star has appeared on other series such as "30 Rock" and "Last Man Standing" but on "DDD" she gets to flex her acting chops she must have developed working with Tyler Perry. Kim hits the big screen with controversy in his film "The Marriage Counselor." Of "Drop Dead Diva" she exclaims, "such a great time on set and I'm excited for you all to see the episode!

Lifetime calls Kim's appearance "k-razy exciting." The show premieres on June 3rd at 9pm. Check your local listings for changes.

Will you be watching "Drop Dead Diva?" Does Kim K's new role make you more likely or less likely to watch?

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