Kim Kardashian Allegedly Has a Second Sex Tape and Other Kardashian Family Drama

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Kim Kardashian and her famous fam continue to hog the headlines, but they don't always have to create buzz themselves - drama seems to love them as much as Kim loves taking pictures of herself. So from a second sex tape to social workers, here's a look at the latest krazy Kardashian news.

Kim's sex tape gets a sequel

One of the latest bits of Kardashian goss is that a second sex tape featuring Kimmy is allegedly being shopped around. But she and Kanye West haven't invited the cameras into their bedroom just yet - instead this "new" video also features her ex Ray J. It's reportedly raunchier than their first sex tape and features "all kinds of eye-popping moments."

Poor Kim is supposedly worried that it will affect her relationship with Kanye, but it's hard to imagine Yeezy being upset about it since he's such a big fan of sex tapes - he made one of his own with a Kim Kardashian lookalike, and he allegedly used to watch Kim's first home video to get in the mood when he was with other women. So this second tape might not be such a bad thing - Kim gets a new moneymaker while Kanye gets a new favorite film.

Khloe Kardashian forced to confront Kim's ex

Kim just can't seem to avoid drama with her exes. Her first husband Damon Thomas is set to be a mentor on "The X Factor," which might make Khloe's new hosting job a little more stressful than she anticipated. Khloe might feel forced to confront Damon since Kim accused him of hitting her and busting her lip, and this is how he once described his ex wife: a "fame-loving, lying, plastic-surgery-loving cheat." Simon Cowell must be giggling with glee at the thought of getting his own dramatic confrontation footage to rival Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey's "American Idol" showdown.

Kris Jenner accused of child abuse

Kris Jenner is definitely one of the most criticized mothers in America, but she wasn't doing anything wrong when Child Protective Services officers showed up at her home in Los Angeles. Kris thinks that a jokester placed the call claiming that her teen daughters Kylie and Kendall Jenner are being abused, and she has vowed to figure out who is responsible for the prank. So sorry, concerned moms -- Kris can't be arrested for letting her kids wear dangerously high heels or for allowing makeup artists to bury them under mounds of mascara.

There are plenty of people who probably want this family to fade away, but it looks like America is going to see more of the Kardashians than ever with Khloe moving to primetime; Kendall and Kylie getting older; and a new Kim sex tape.

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