Kim and Kanye’s Matching Outfits: His or Her Idea?

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The world is starting to get used to seeing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West joined at the hip. But what also seems to be evident is their obvious love of dressing alike. In the beginning, some thought that this behavior was cute---an indicator of their growing fondness for one another. Nonetheless, as time progresses, some interesting vibes are emerging. Which one of these flashy lovebirds is really the driving force behind their matchy-matchy wardrobes?

While most assume (regardless of whose idea it is) that wearing matching outfits is kind of juvenile, it's painfully obvious that stepping out looking like twins is going to spark major attention. If the matching ensembles is Kanye's idea, that might be a red flag for problems later on down the line. The notion that he would want to manipulate his woman's wardrobe points to controlling behavior. If even the President of the United States called the oft outspoken and maybe even "a little arrogant" rap mogul, a not-so-nice name, examining this theory isn't unusual.

On the other hand, if all the dressing alike is really Kim's idea, then that speaks to the notion that she enjoys being a trophy more than she actually loves Kanye. The exceptionally image-conscious reality star seems incredibly affected by how people perceive her. Kanye's couture aspirations are perhaps in direct alignment with how she wants to be seen. Observe...

In 2011, the buxom brunette was rocking heavy extensions, juicy highlights, prints, and colors. The direct departure from her long curly locks, punchy wardrobe has taken fans aback. Plenty of celebrities have been accused of morphing into their new loves on the surface. Actress Jennifer Aniston was accused of the same thing when she started dating Justin Theroux. But since many consider Kim to be easily influenced, the idea that she'd cater to the mega producer's whims isn't too difficult to believe.

"Wear my sneakers." "Pump my gas." Yeezy probably isn't the tyrant some make him out to be. Since no one has ever really questioned Kim's fashion sense in the beginning, it's only natural for people to wonder why she's this willing to water down her flashy style. But in all likelihood, these two came up with the idea on their own. After all, how better to bond than over the new lines at Fashion Week? Solidarity rules.

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