Before 'The Killing,' Holder Was The Killer

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Before 'The Killing,' Holder Was The Killer

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Before 'The Killing,' Holder Was The Killer

Before Joel Kinnaman became a big deal in America thanks to his role on AMC's The Killing, he blew up in his native Sweden as the star of a gritty crime thriller called Snabba Cash.

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The film was such a critical and commercial hit, Zac Efron snapped up the U.S. rights with hopes to star and dirty up his pretty boy image in the process. While that Americanization is still in the works, Martin Scorsese and The Weinstein Company see enough promise in the original film to give it a proper release stateside ... just with a different title.

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Enter Easy Money -- the newly titled yet still subtitled thriller starring Joel as J.W., a promising student who gets drawn into the world of organized crime after he's caught leading a double life. Click here to check out the trailer for Easy Money, which opens on July 11!

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