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Khloe Kardashian in 2009.

Sunday's episode of 'Khloe and Lamar' was certainly one of the sillier ones. Rob Kardashian started a dress sock business while Lamar Odom tried to teach Khloe Kardashian a lesson for babying him a little too much.

Baby Lamar

Since Khloe does not have a child, she explained that she enjoys babying Lamar a little more than your average wife. While at a photo shoot Khloe calls her hubby's people to see if he has eaten lunch yet and tells them that he gets "cranky" if he does not eat.

Lamar feels like this is going a little too far, so he decides to teach poor Khloe a lesson. In order to get his point across that her constant babying is annoying, Lam handcuffs the two of them together. This just makes life difficult to the both of them, so Khloe decides to make her husband's life a living nightmare, bumping and screaming and trying to get him to take the cuffs off. This doesn't work, and they end up going to a business meeting for their fragrance.

Everyone seems to think that this trick is hilarious besides the Kardashian sister. Eventually, Lamar takes off the handcuffs, but he goes for a frustrated drive when Khloe still does not understand the point of the exercise. The two work it out on the phone and make amends.

Rob's Sock Business

Unfortunately, Rob has not found his business niche like his sisters until now. He decides to start a dress sock business because he is "passionate about socks." It seems a little silly, but this is the first time he has truly dedicated himself to something after 'Dancing With the Stars.' He confides in Khloe about his business idea, but she kind of laughs it off and Rob feels discouraged. Khloe is simply worried that this is just another hobby for Rob and that he will give up on it soon.

Ignoring what his sister says and taking advice from his rich, suited, business owning friend Rob does a sock photo shoot. This photo shoot is perfect for his portfolio, and he has good friend Malika model some sexy socks! After seeing the photos, Khloe is clearly impressed, and it looks as if this time the Kardashian brother may be on to something. Only the future will tell!

Tune in next Sunday at 10/9pm central time to see a new, hilarious episode!

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