Kevin Spacey & More Awesome Celeb Photobombers

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Kevin Spacey & More Awesome Celeb Photobombers

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Kevin Spacey

Who knew Kevin Spacey had such a sense of humor?

The "House of Cards" actor was running through Boston Public Garden on Tuesday when he stopped to join a tourist's snapshot.

"Apparently he jogged up, shouted 'PHOTOBOMB!' and then ran off laughing," a Reddit user posted of his friend's keepsake shot, along with the hilarious photo.


Most celebrities are always so concerned with their image - and their "privacy" - that it's nice to actually see some who aren't afraid to make a joke and laugh at himself.

Tom Hanks

What happens when you meet Tom Hanks in a bar? You pretend to be drunk and get him to take a few hilarious photos with you. That's exactly what one young guy did in 2011.

"My friend met Tom Hanks, stole his glasses and pretended to be wasted," one Reddit user posted in August 2012.

The result? A bunch of hilarious photos that shows just how awesome he is.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is one of our girl crushes, mostly because she's always willing to joke around and laugh at herself. Oh, and she's also a great photobomber.

The "Stronger" singer was the talk of the 2013 Grammy Awards when she invaded a photo of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, actress Portia de Rossi.

Clarkson isn't always the photobomber, though: Former President Bill Clinton managed to invade one of her photos at President Barack Obama's inauguration in January 2013.

Michael Cera

"Arrested Development" star Michael Cera has really transformed photoboming into an art form. The actor has made the rounds in several fan photos over the years.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal turned a great shot of "Brokeback Mountain" director Ang Lee and actress Uma Thurman into an awesome one when he photobombed the shot.

You can photobomb our pictures anytime, Jake.

Daniel Craig

The name's Bomb, Photo Bomb…

Daniel Craig managed to turn Taylor Swift's innocent selfie into a sexy, smoldering shot when he snuck into the frame.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey made a fan's day when she snuck into his shot backstage at "30 Rock" in 2012.

She's not only into photobombing random fans, though: The actress managed to sneak into BFF Amy Poehler's frame during the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

Something tells us Poehler would do the same thing given the opportunity.

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