Say What?! Kesha Gets 'Suck It' Tattoo on Lip

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Say What?! Kesha Gets 'Suck It' Tattoo on Lip

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Say What?! Kesha Gets 'Suck It' Tattoo on Lip

Hey is that a homeless lady running through the streets?! No guys, that’s just pop singer Ke$ha living life to the fullest! Hurray!

Music’s classiest b*tch Ke$ha is classing it up yet again. The last time I wrote about the devil-may-care pop star, she was tweeting pics of herself peeing in the street (and I think we were all grateful and enriched after seeing that image). Today we get another delicious morsel from the trash-wearing singer, as fans get to go where I can only assume many have gone before – inside her mouth! Apparently, Ke$ha posted a pic on Instagram, showing that she inked her lip with something I’m sure she won't regret in a decade -- a tattoo reading, "SUCK IT!"

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Suck it? Ahh no thanks Ke$ha, I’m good. But, I have to say of all the things you could tattoo on your body permanently – you went with a lovely option. I’m sure all the boys will come arunnin’ to suck on a refined lady such as yourself.

Hey guys, sorry to make this one so quick but I gotta go stop by my BFF Kat Von D’s place so I can copy Ke$ha’s brilliant idea and get permanent reminder on my body that I’m a total idiot[,] too. And after I "Suck It!," I’m thinking of getting whole collection of super awesome tattoos I won’t soon regret: some Chinese or Japanese Kanji, a series tribal symbols, a unicorn jumping over a hamburger and the lyrics to Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping. All classics.

Love and insanely stupid tattoos,

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