Kerry Washington Brings 'Scandal' to ABC: Some of of Her Most Scandalous Movie Roles

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Kerry Washington Brings 'Scandal' to ABC: Some of of Her Most Scandalous Movie Roles

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Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has made a name for herself with her chameleon-like acting abilities. One of the few actresses capable of doing so, this time she heads to the small screen--charged with keeping the upper crust's dirtiest secrets. Mega TV producer Shonda Rimes is at it again. And if we've learned anything from "Grey's Anatomy," we realize that the successful TV mogul is terrific at putting her finger on the pulse of what we want to see on television. Casting Washington in the lead role was perhaps one of the smartest things she's done, considering the roster of work she's amassed during her Hollywood years. Kerry is certainly no stranger to juicy characters. Here are a few of her own most scandalous roles.

"Lift" (2001)

Before she portrayed the long-suffering Della Bea in "Ray," Washington played a shrewd shoplifter who happened to work at a trendy Boston department store. The movie focuses on her uncanny ability to "lift" expensive items under the noses of the unsuspecting. The shenanigans involved in this little thriller are certainly enough to entertain. Later in her career she certainly played more wayward roles. But this one is enough to rattle the faint of heart.

"She Hate Me" (2004)

Fatima Goodrich (Washington) is a hot little number in this flick. There's only one problem. She's a woman with the desperate desire for a child. So she enlists her former fiance to impregnate both herself and her girlfriend, Alex. Spike Lee is notorious for his arresting film productions. As such, "She Hate Me" does not disappoint. Critics didn't necessarily share Lee's vision (which isn't quite surprising). But Goodrich's scandalous proposal to start a business to sire the children of other lesbians gets completely out of hand.

"The Dead Girl" (2006)

Don't worry if you failed to recognize Kerry in this sleeper hit of 2006. "The Dead Girl" (which stars the late Brittany Murphy) was one of Washington's quieter films. In it, she plays a down-on-her-luck prostitute named Rosetta who happens to be Krista Kutcher's (Murphy) roommate and lover. This movie is far from being a feel-good film. But Kerry's grimy appearance and broken accent prove that she can easily morph into "undesirable" characters.

"Life is Hot in Cracktown" (2009)

The Bronx native proved that she's good at playing hookers and other wayward characters. But few were prepared for her role as a transsexual prostitute in the 2009 indie drama, "Life is Hot in Cracktown." Featuring a cast of surprising actors (including Diana Ross' son, Evan Ross), the storyline revolved around you guessed it---crack cocaine. Portraying a man who's living as a woman takes a certain amount of skill. Just ask Felicity Huffman, who proved her on-screen acumen in "Transamerica." But Washington does a fairly convincing job in this obscure film.

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