Keri Hilson Says No to Red Carpet Romance: Is She onto Something?

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Keri Hilson

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Keri Hilson

It is highly likely that the next man you see on Keri's Hilson's arm will not be a famous one. This is because according to sources, she has revealed that she has no intention of dating another major celebrity. As a matter of fact, the "No Boys Allowed" singer has a list of types of celebrities that she is not interested in dating, most which include athletes and rappers.

Indeed, dating someone famous makes you an "item"; people are more emotionally invested when two of their favorite celebs get together. And even though non-famous people often emerge from anonymity simply by dating someone in the limelight, Keri's concerns are perhaps valid.

She's not saying that these relationships can't work. But she's just not interested in becoming some sort of "red carpet item." Nonetheless, considering that Ms. Keri-Bayybee has frequently been linked to other famous folks, she just might be onto something:

In December 2009, she was linked to soul crooner Trey Songz. Their steamy on-stage flirtation made them an instant hit. Soon, urban gossip sites like Mediatakeout were convinced that the two were heating things up off stage as well. That rumor was perhaps fueled by the fact that mere months earlier, she'd been linked to singer Chris Brown, who is also known for his sensual stage performances. In April of 2011, rumors flew that she was dating one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors, Idris Elba. And yep, she's even been allegedly attached to producer/rapper Missy Elliott. Are any of these rumors true? We'll never know. But that's exactly the point.

The "Pretty Girl Rock" singer claims that she wants the opportunity to explore compatibility outside of the spotlight. And apparently that's easier to do with someone who isn't saddled with the burden of celebrity. Isn't it easier to date someone who understands the complicated entertainment industry? You might think so…unless your name is Keri Hilson and all your potential love interests attract the kind of attention that keeps you from having any peace. Getting involved with someone "anonymous" might save you from a publicity stunt, although some would say that it's even scarier---because you're unsure whether your new boo is more attracted to your celebrity status. Can the R&B princess find true love outside of Hollywood? Like dozens of others, she's pretty certain that she can. Time shall tell…

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