Kelsey Grammer sets the record straight about his affair, bashes Camille ... again!

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When Kelsey Grammer met his current wife, Kayte, it was no secret that he was still married to Camille. In fact, the divorce drama played out on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” But while most people who have had an extramarital affair would try to remain vague on the details, Kelsey is not one of them.

On Monday night’s “Conan,” the 57-year-old “Boss” star started off his interview by saying he wanted to set the record straight about his affair. He said that although he and British-born Kayte, who was a flight attendant, hit it off right away when they met aboard a plane bound for London in December 2009, things didn’t get R-rated right away.

“There have been a lot of postings lately about me and my past,” Kelsey said. “I usually don’t read them, but after thousands you bump into them. There was one comment that I read … about how Kayte and I met, and hooked up in London, and she spent the night with me. A ‘one-nighter’ or whatever. Well, that’s not true. We kissed that night – and that was it. I said good night to her after two hours.” Then, treading into TMI territory, he added, “And we didn’t do anything other than kiss actually for several months.” Noting, “She was worth the wait.”

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When Conan O’Brien awkwardly interjected that he thought it would be would be difficult to wait, Kelsey sarcastically replied, “Well, for a guy that hadn't had sex for a decade, it wasn't that hard!”

Of course, Camille – with whom Kelsey was involved in a nasty divorce and custody battle over their two young children – has already responded to Kelsey’s crack about their allegedly sexless marriage, tweeting, “He lied on ‘Conan’” and “He really needs to move on.”

Kelsey seems to be on an anti-Camille publicity tour lately. Although he has been happily married to Kayte since February 2011 – she is his fourth wife – and they welcomed their daughter, Faith, two months ago, he just can’t resist giving his reality TV star ex jabs during interviews.

While chatting with Oprah last month, he said he wasn’t happy with Camille for years before he told her their marriage was over and she filed for divorce in July 2010. “I stayed because I’m a stubborn cuss. I was not in it, or happy in it for a long time,” he claimed. “It was pretty much over as soon as it began.” Kelsey went on to say that helping Camille land a gig as one of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was his parting gift to her. “She always wanted to be famous,” he shared. “I did believe that I owed something to that person.” Then, with a hint of sarcasm, added, “Because she’d given up so much to endure this life with me.”

And it seems as if the ice won’t thaw anytime soon between Kelsey and Camille. "Some threats were made," he told Oprah. "Some extremely unacceptable behavior took place in front of the children, which makes it impossible for us to pretend that we can be civil."

Sounds like the gloves are off!

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