Kelly Clarkson Drops New Single! Listen!

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Kelly Clarkson revealed on October 4 that she would not only be releasing a Greatest Hits Album, but that it would contain three new songs!

The first, Catch My Breath, debuted this morning on Ryan Seacrest's KISS FM show and it's a sweet up-tempo ballad (listen below). Kelly also called in (from a castle in Ireland, no biggie) to talk about what inspired her to write this song!

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"My label came to me with the idea [of a Greatest Hits Album] and I was like, "Really? I'm 30!" I feel like that's something you do when you don't have something else to put out," she laughed. "So, Catch My Breath, we wrote it specifically for the fact of "10 years, wow." I feel like I'm finally starting to be happy and settled and figuring out stuff. That's why I wrote it."

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She also elaborated on how love with Brandon Blackstock has changed her as a woman and an artist. "I found love and once you finally fall in love with someone, and are so comfortable with them, it makes you more comfortable in your own skin and makes you more confident as an artist," she said. "I know that sounds super lame and not cool, hardcore Miss Independent girl, but it's true."

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