Keira Knightley, 'Anna Karenina' Deserving of Golden Globe Nominations

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Keira Knightley, 'Anna Karenina' Deserving of Golden Globe Nominations

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Keira Knightley

The 70th Annual Golden Globe Award nominees will be announced on December 13, 2012, and there are many actors, movies, and television shows worthy of nominations. Every year, there are a number of lesser known offerings that pop up, often very deserving of winning statues despite not receiving wide spread releases for everyone to see. One of those movies in 2012 is "Anna Karenina" starring Keira Knightley, a movie not only deserving of nominations, but one that could win awards as well.

Joe Wright

Director Joe Wright is no stranger to the Golden Globe Awards, picking up a nomination in 2008 for his historical epic, "Atonement." Wright has specialized in this style of movie, receiving critical acclaim for his debut film, an adaptation of "Pride & Prejudice." He now has a chance to pick up another nomination for this adaptation of the classic Leo Tolstoy dramatic masterpiece.

Wright took an unusual direction when helming this movie. Instead of shooting this as a traditional period piece, Wright shot much of it on a stage, actually showing the stage, the backdrops lowering, and the backstage area. Characters walk through a door on the stage and end up in a different location. It was a daring risk, but one that paid off by making "Anna Karenina" one of the most unique looking films of 2012.

While Wright probably won't win the award, facing strong competition from names like Ben Affleck ("Argo") and P.T. Anderson ("The Master"), a nomination is not out of the question.

Keira Knightley

Knightley reteamed with Wright for "Anna Karenina," their third film together, and the two have developed a strong working relationship. Wright knows how to bring out the immense beauty of Knightley, and the actress has mastered the skill of going from happy and joyful to sad and tormented in almost the flick of a switch. She is wonderful in the movie, which tells the story of a woman who finds love in the arms of a man other than her husband only to find herself ostracized from her Russian community as a result.

There have been a number of solid female performances in 2012, but outside of Helen Mirren in "Hitchcock," Knightley stands heads-and-shoulders above the rest of the competition. The actress is almost guaranteed a nomination, and Knightley deserves the win for her heartbreaking performance.

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