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On this Sunday's episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' , the subject of death was discussed. Kris Jenner planned her family's plot, Mason's fishies died, and Kourtney Kardashian encountered a conflict over guardianship with her sisters.

Crazy Kris

In this episode, Kris decides after discussing how her mother pre-planned a burial plot, that it might be a good idea to plan her own in case something happens. She discusses this with her family. Everyone thinks it is a ridiculous idea and jokes about it in her presence; however, they go along with the idea just to humor their looney mother.

Bruce and Kris Jenner, Rob Kardashian, and Kim Kardashian all meet up with a funeral planner. They go around a cemetery and explore some of the grander plot types such as a mausoleum. Kris lays out the plan, as the girls joke about their mausoleum being surrounded by a moat and it rising up and down from the ground with after a password is spoken.

Second, Kris and her family go to visit a casket designer. The lady is apparently well known for designing beautiful caskets. Kris is even crazy enough to lie down in a casket to check for "comfort level" (but who really cares if you're dead?!).

Mason's Fish

As a gift before little Mason's sister is born, Kim and Khloe Kardashian buy him two gold fish in a little bowl. Kourt expresses her frustration about not wanting "pets" (does a fish really count?) because she does not want to deal with the death talk. Unfortunately, the first fish flops. Kourt makes sure to replace it with an exact replica so Mason will never know. She even purchases a tank. Then, ANOTHER fish dies! Once again, she tries to replace the fish so Mason never knows.

After hearing about these shenanigans, Bruce decides to talk to Kourt about explaining death to Mason in a kid friendly way through reading (something he loves). He buys a children's book and gets Mason excited to read it in hopes that it will provide some delicate answers.

Khloe the Better Aunt?!

Since getting serious about planning pre-death, Kris decides to call up Kourtney and ask if she has planned who will be Mason's guardian in the case of her and Scott's death. Kourt admits that she has already chosen Khloe. This definitely offends Kim who storms out of the room.

Kim confronts Khloe about her secret responsibilities. She wonders why Kourt picked Khloe over her and takes her feelings out on her sister. Khloe confides this is Kourtney who simply feels that Khloe is around more and gives off more of a family feeling than Kim.

Kim confronts Kourtney about why she picked Khloe over her. When Kourt asks Kim to babysit, she brushes her off in anger and walks out. Kourt even has the nerve to tell Kim she's too self-involved to care for a kid.

In the end, Kim is given financial responsibility in the case of Kourt and Scott's death, and she is praised for all of the love she has given Mason.

Rob holds a celebration of life with his mom, step-dad, friends, and more family at a beautiful winery. He even reveals a tattoo on his arm of his mother to show his appreciation. A tattoo on his other arm displays his late father's portrait. His mom admits it is a sweet yet strange way to celebrate her life.

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