'Keeping Up with the Kardashians': 'Sometimes You Just Need to Adjust'

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Sunday's episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' focused on three different storylines. Khloe Kardashian shied away from her dramatic sisters and family to support her ball playing husband, Lamar Odom. Bruce Jenner couldn't quite get over his little girls, Kendal and Kylie, growing up, and Kourtney Kardashian 's beau/son's father, Scott, hosted a sketchy sweet sixteen bash.

Khloe Odom

After a failed attempt at playing basketball in Dallas, Khloe and her hubby Lamar move back to Los Angeles. Despite not being on an NBA team at the moment, Lam still decides to train for 6 hours every day - crazysauce! As a supportive wife, Khloe tags along on the workouts; however, his sisters Kourt and Kim Kardashian are not so pleased when she rejects multiple invites to help out Lamar. They have been looking forward to Khloe living close, but she is only fading away. She exclaims that she is Khloe Odom and "bye Kardashians," leaving in a huff. The end of the episode shows her ignoring her sisters' calls.

Bruce's Little Girls All Grown Up!

Bruce decides that he misses carpooling Kendall and Kylie around, so he puts Kendall's car in the shop to get some work done. Kendall is annoyed that he did this without telling her in the first place, but she has no choice but to let her dad drive her to her plans.

After about a week of waiting for the car and Bruce claiming the shops says it will be done in a day or so, the girls call to find out the deal. They discover that the car has been ready for two days, and Bruce has just been letting it sit there! This upsets them. Bruce tries to save face by saying he misses hanging out with and driving around his little girls, but this just won't fly. The girls tell him that he needs to ask them to hang out. He retorts by saying he does but they always say no. They then tell him that he needs to invite them to more active things, not boring movies.

Scott Hosts a Sweet Sixteen

Shockingly, Scott receives an invite to a sweet sixteen. Now this was just WEIRD. Rob Kardashian tags along to make sure Scott doesn't do anything stupid or inappropriate. Scott tries his best to make it a good time, but the whole event is just awkward having him there. He does some stupid things, but they are not outrageously horrible. Rob decides it would be a good idea to make a secret code word to tell Scott if he is acting inappropriately. So he goes around shouting the words "red eagle" all night, just making things more awkward.

In the end, Scott has a talk with the dad about daughters. He says that he is excited to have a little girl, and he is completely aware that he needs to shape up before he can be the father he wants to be.

Tune in next Sunday for the second part of this episode where Kanye West makes an appearance!

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