'Keeping Up with the Kardashians': 'Lonely in London'

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This Sunday 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' went to London and Boston. Two wonderful places in my opinion, but please feel free to disagree!

Calling London

Kim Kardashian flew to London to make a few appearances for her UK perfume launch. Brother, Rob Kardashian, Scott, and bff Jonathan tagged along too. Kim asked Jonathan to come with her so that she did not get bored and lonely. Little did he know he would be following Kim's schedule and not truly seeing any of London like he wanted.

When they arrive to Kim's suite, the two friends are greeted by a slew of clothing that Kanye West sent his girlfriend. A lot of leather and a lot of sparkles were featured in this clothing selection, which Kim of course loved. What a generous boyfriend! Jonathan quickly discovers that Kim is going to be busy (but how could he really not have known?) and takes off to do some sightseeing with the boys.

Sightseeing includes; Windsor Castle, the pubs around London, and much more. During the sightseeing process, Kim contacts Jonathan to come keep her company at her perfume launch. He finds himself bored to tears while Kimmy tends to the masses of fans and media. Scott and Rob invite him out for a night on the town, but Kim begs Jonathan to stay and keep her company. Like a good friend, he does, but his expression makes it clear that he is not having fun.

While Kim drags Jonathan to multiple events, Scott decides to pay money to become a Lord. He goes through the whole "traditional" process to become a Lord. He kneels, he wears a crown, and he repeats a few things. Ta-da! Lord Disick is in the house, and he makes sure that everyone knows it, climbing the fountain in Trafalgar Square. Later on, he acts uppity at a club where he and Rob are making an appearance, refusing to take pictures with "commoners." This really pisses Rob off, and everyone just thinks it's a joke anyways. At the hotel, Kanye eggs Scott on about the title, but Kim discourages it.

Eventually, Jonathan blows up at Kim for having to follow her everywhere. He convinces her to go take a ride on the London Eye. They have a blast and forgive one another.

In the end, when Scott arrives home, pregnant girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, makes sure that Scott knows she is the Queen of this castle.

Boston and Bruce

In place of Kim, Khloe Kardashian is asked to take a trip for Bruce Jenner and the Kardashian brand to make an appearance in Boston. Mom, Kris Jenner, claims that Bruce is always a diva. However, she honestly just comes off mean when she says it. The sisters, Kourt and Khloe, go out for a lunch with Bruce, feeling bad for him, and refuse to invite Kris when she calls. Kris lets them have their fun, but she is convinced a trip to Boston will prove her point to Khloe.

Khloe, Kris, and Bruce head off to Boston, and Bruce is already getting anal about timing. This irritates Kris so much that she sarcastically says she is going to stab a fork in her eye if he doesn't shut up. They continue to argue in the car, and Khloe tells her mom to stop giving Bruce a hard time.

The group lands in Boston, and Bruce does a signing. Khloe and her momager have a nice seafood lunch together where Kris is glad to have her hubby out of her hair for a while. She tells Khloe she is going to see a different side of Bruce, but she doesn't not quite believe her mom until they begin to get ready for an event for the two of them. Bruce goes crazy about being on time, constantly nagging the two ladies. Khloe admits that this would be a lot less stressful is Bruce would just cool it!

In the end, Kris decides she is going to be a lot nicer to Bruce; however, she has clearly proved a point to daughter Khloe.

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