Katy Perry's Purple Hair: Who Else Has Had Colorful Locks?

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Katy Perry's recent hair color changes have run the gamut. The 27-year-old singer went blue following the news of her divorce from actor Russell Brand, and now she has transitioned to a royal purple shade.

In the past Perry's hair has been dark brown, blonde, and even briefly, red. The pop star seems to change her hair whenever she gets bored, and she always looks stunning!

Does hair color signal transition or is it just a girl having fun? Here are some other ladies that have deviated from their natural hair hues.

Rihanna, a natural brunette, was recently seen with curly blonde locks. However, RiRi's signature look is a bright, bombshell red shade that she has had on and off since 2010. The fire engine red color seems to suit the hot singer and her daring, edgy style. She's also managed to pull off super short hair as well as her more recent shoulder skimming, wavy mane.

Kelly Osbourne, daughter of legendary singer Ozzy Osbourne, is not shy when it comes to fashion. She's been dyed blonde, pink and black in the past but more recently colored her hair a puzzling shade of grey. In the past week, she's also been seen out and about with purple hair, the same week that Perry went lavender.

Gwen Stefani is not only a successful singer but a fashion designer as well. The always chic Stefani went through a pink phase back in 1999, before she married Gavin Rossdale and became a mom. The trendy Stefani's bold, bubblegum look definitely worked with her quirky, funky style. Since then she's stayed her signature shade; platinum blonde.

Willow Smith comes from a showbiz family, and she's already embracing her own style. Smith is only 11 years old, but she's already been photographed for magazines wearing trendy clothes, shoes and eclectic hairstyles such as a mohawk. She dyed her short, cropped locks a bright shade of canary yellow, only to change it up to a cotton candy pink shade.

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