Katy Perry Turns Down $20 Million 'American Idol' Gig, Plus More Idol News

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Katy Perry Turns Down $20 Million 'American Idol' Gig, Plus More Idol News

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Did Katy Perry turn down a huge offer to be on "American Idol"?

Reports are flying that Katy Perry turned down a $20 million offer to be a judge on "American Idol" for one year. Sources reportedly told TMZ that her "schedule made it impossible to do the show" and that "she just didn't think it was right career choice for her." They allegedly wanted her so badly that they offered her $2 million more than what Mariah Carey signed on for. With Katy's feisty nature, we would love to see her dishing advice out to contestants! Right before every new season, there's always talk about who was approached for "American Idol" and who should be on the panel, but there's a couple of musicians who also passed on the gig.

Toby Keith

The country singer was offered the gig, but turned it down in late July. His publicist told CountryWeekly.com "Toby was flattered but turned down the offer from 'American Idol'." It's no surprise they asked him considering his talent and popularity. One of his most recent songs, "Red Solo Cup," became a huge party anthem and is also the biggest selling single of his career with over two million digital downloads. Once you hear it, you really can't ever look at a red Solo cup again without the song playing through your head. His song "I Like Girls That Drink Beer," is currently number 30 on Billboard's Top Country Songs chart.


The singer/newest Cover Girl has received quite a few offers lately to host a variety of music shows, including "American Idol," and turned down all of them. During an interview with an Australian newspaper, she explained ''I was offered 'The Voice' in Australia plus 'American Idol' and 'The X Factor'. I said no because you can't be honest.'' She followed up with ''People will hate you if you're honest. Simon Cowell is the only person who gets away with it because he's got an accent. And he's a man.'' We can only imagine what the pink-haired songstress would have to say with some of the "talent" they let into the "American Idol" auditions.

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler announced back in July that they would no longer be judges on the show and it's still unclear whether Randy Jackson will return. The only official judge as of now is Mariah, who will reportedly earn $18 million for the gig. There are rumors that Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj are in talks for $3-4 million each.

Who do you want to see as a judge on "American Idol"?

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