Katy Perry and Russell Brand Split -- Why We Saw it Coming

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Actor and comedian Russell Brand.

2011 ended on a surprising note for fans of Russell Brand and Katy Perry. The two A-list celebrities whose whirlwind romance turned heads from the very outset, ended their marriage of just over a year just as the clock was winding towards the new year. Brand sighted "irreconcilable differences" in the paperwork he filed in seeking the divorce.

News of trouble for the couple broke when Perry was spotted in Hawaii over the holidays without Russell...or her wedding ring. It wasn't long until papers were filed, and the star of "Get Him to the Greek" was seen in London, looking rather down, and also without a ring on his finger. While for some the split may have seemed to come from far out in left field, there were also some factors working against the two from the very beginning, and here are five of the biggest.

Competing for the Spotlight - Both Katy and Russell have undeniable star power, and it's hard to imagine that either wouldn't want to be the dominating force in the room, let alone the relationship. Though it's just speculation, it wouldn't be the first time that two megastars couldn't find a way to share the attention.

They Come From Two Different Worlds - He's an outrageously funny comedian with a few admitted skeletons in his closet. She's a pop diva who smashed onto the scene with a sexiness and fun that put her on the map. The pair's individual artistic endeavors couldn't be further from each other, leading again to a potential disconnect.

Unforeseen Cultural Differences - Sure, long distance relationships don't have to all end badly, and some people can make them work. And even though the two set up a cohabitation situation in London, the fact is that their two career schedules could pull them apart for weeks at a time, and that's not conducive to making a relationship last over time.

He's a Recovering Addict, She Still Likes to Party - The 36-year-old star of "Arthur" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is open about his struggles with chemical dependency in the past, and the "I Kissed a Girl" singer has shown no signs of wanting to stop the party bus any time soon. If one partner needs to distance themselves from a lifestyle the other partner wants to maintain, that too can spell a recipe for disaster.

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