Katy Perry: Queen of Controversy

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Katy Perry, Queen of Controversy

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Katy Perry, Queen of Controversy

No stranger to controversy, Katy Perry recently made headlines when her "Sesame Street" duet with Elmo was scrapped for being too "racy". The pop princess laughed off criticisms of her cleavage-baring dress, and in typical Katy fashion, mocked the issue on "Saturday Night Live" by wearing a low-cut Elmo tee in a library storytime sketch. In the short while Katy Perry has been in the spotlight, she's racked up an impressive number of controversial acts--here are some of the highlights:


Like many celebrities, Katy Perry has repeatedly stirred up controversy with posts on Twitter. First there was the topless (but not revealing) Katy as Santa twitpic. Then there was the racy photo (not taken by her) of 17 year old pop star Sky Ferreira and a tweet labeling her "fresh meat". The Ferreira controversy continued when the two traded barbs on Twitter--either as friends or frenemies, depending upon interpretation.

"California Gurls"

Katy Perry landed a summer hit with "California Gurls", but she may have to share the wealth. Perry admitted the song was a tribute to the Beach Boys classic "California Girls", but there is some controversy about the line between "homage" and "plagiarism". There's no lawsuit yet, but the Beach Boys are looking for some sort of compensation from Perry and her record company.

Knife Photo

In October of 2008, tabloid journalists dug up an old photo shoot with Katy Perry posing with a knife. They published it to coincide with a spree of fatal stabbings in England, causing a huge controversy with anti-violence groups who thought Perry had suddenly chosen to glamorize knife violence. Perry claimed hurt feelings over the portrayal, but didn't shy away from mockery by posing later for pics with a spoon.

"American Idol" and Adam Lambert

Katy Perry stirred up controversy during season 8 of "American Idol" when she performed for the May 13 episode. Decked out in an Elvis-esque ensemble, Katy Perry fanned out her cape to the "American Idol" viewers, revealing Adam's name embroidered into the satin. Lambert fans rejoiced, but Kris Allen fans called foul.

"I Kissed a Girl"

Though preceded by controversial song "Ur So Gay", Perry's infamous ode to female bi-curiosity stirred up so much press and water-cooler talk that it catapulted her into stardom. According to "The Scotsman" interview with Katy Perry, "I Kissed a Girl" has alternately been accused of being "homophobic and for promoting homosexuality, as well as for being 'lezploitational'." You know you're doing something right when you anger all sides of an issue.

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