Katy Perry and John Mayer, a Good Idea? Maybe

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Katy Perry and John Mayer, a Good Idea? Maybe

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry still believes in love and marriage---at least that's what she's told Elle magazine in a recent interview. That isn't too difficult to believe considering that the newly divorced Katy Perry has been spotted slinking around town with none other than crooner John Mayer. At first glance, red flags are raised. Is she really ready for a relationship with him-yet another alleged Hollywood lothario? Some might also wonder, given John's history with starlets, just how serious he is about hanging with Katy. As Hollywood never tires of fresh romances, this one in particular just might be the result of perfect timing.

Doppelganger Revenge?

If you happened to see Katy Perry walking hand in hand with John, you might do a double take. The "Inside Wants Out" singer appears to be sporting the same long, shaggy dark brown 'do for which Russell Brand is known. Could Katy be harboring some residual feelings for her former spouse? If so, having an attractive "doppelganger" with which to work out past aggressions might be therapeutic. (It's nothing personal, John.)

A Romantic Sabbatical?

In March 2012, Mayer canceled several tour dates as he attended to a serious throat condition. Recovering from vocal issues, it's possible that he discovered a newfound appreciation for things that can be taken away. His time off from touring has probably given the "emotionally burnt out" singer some time to reflect. Could that reflection have anything to do with his newfound friendship with Katy?

Song Write-Off

There is yet another hidden benefit of this possible romance between these two: In case they spiral dreadfully into a nasty split, their upcoming albums would be chock full of intimate details about the fallen romance. Both Mayer and Perry have the distinct knack for writing about their exes. Perry's "Part of Me" is said to contain darts for ex-husband Russell Brand. Considering their clever songwriting skills, it's difficult to say which break-up ditty would pack the most punch.

Just friends or something more…?

Let the record show that two people in the industry can just hang out without it being a big deal. But as history dictates, the more a couple proclaims their platonic friendship, the closer they're probably getting behind closed doors. In any event, it's perfectly feasible that the pair is simply enjoying one another's company. The "I Kissed a Girl" singer may not be ready for a serious relationship so soon after divorce; John's charming presence might be just what the doctor ordered.

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