Katy Perry Hides Under Table to Avoid Russell Brand! When Stars Run into Exes

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Katy Perry Hides Under Table to Avoid Russell Brand! When Stars Run into Exes

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Katy Perry

Duck, Katy Perry! It's Russell Brand.

Perry was dining at the exclusive Beverly Hills Polo Lounge when her ex-husband allegedly came in for dinner. The "Firework" singer was with her on-again, off-again beau John Mayer when Brand appeared. Caught off guard by the understandably awkward moment Katy supposedly ducked under the dinner table. Apparently, the hostess almost seated Russell at a table right next to the couple.

This isn't the first time that the exes almost crossed paths. Both Perry and the British funnyman were in the audience for the Los Angeles Lakers' season opening game. Katy attended the game with her father and luckily didn't seem to come face-to-face with Russell.

Celebs undoubtedly want the same thing that we all do when running into an ex -- to avoid the situation altogether. If one must run into an ex, however, then let it be when the stars are aligned. We're not sure that Katy's date with her renowned Hollywood playboy counts.

How have other celebrities handled this incredibly awkward situation?

Kim Kardashian

Kim almost faced a similar situation a few weeks ago. The reality TV megastar was with her beau Kanye West when she almost ran right into ex Reggie Bush and his pregnant fiance. Clearly as one half of KimYe, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star has moved on. Still, we're sure that all breathed a sigh of relief at the narrowly missed 'close encounter.'

Taylor Swift

Running into exes is an issue that the "Love Story" singer must face often. Currently, she's been seen around town with young Harry Styles of One Direction. Taylor is known for "swiftly" moving on. Her exes include Conor Kennedy and John Mayer himself. Swift recently ran into ex boyfriend Joe Jonas at the LA Jingle Ball. Luckily she was wearing a gorgeous Kate Spade striped dress at the time. Looking good is truly the best revenge.


Fans braced for an awkward moment when Rihanna and singer Chris Brown ran into each other at the MTV "VMAs." The two hadn't been seen interacting publicly since photos of her pummeled face went public in 2009. Brown was convicted on charges of felony assault for battering the "Unapologetic" starlet. Instead, the two hugged and kissed like BFFs. Rihanna has since gone photo tweeting crazy to hint that she's back in her controversial ex-boyfriend's life.

So, was Katy Perry right to hide under the table when she spotted her ex hubbie? What would you do? Sound off!

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