Katy Perry Graces the September Issue of Elle Magazine, Plus Her Best Magazine Covers

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Katy Perry has certainly come a long way since her "I Kissed a Girl" days and over time has developed a more sultry and sexy look which she displays on the September cover of Elle magazine. The photo shows the singer wearing a short sleeve light pink Bottega Veneta dress that has silver sequins across the abdomen. The hair and makeup is absolute perfection with her purple hair, blunt bangs, smokey eyes and black-and-white ying-yang nails. The photos is wonderful, but the one hand on the hip, other hand on her cheek pose is a bit boring, especially for the vivacious beauty. Regardless, it's arguably one of her most fabulous covers to-date. When compared against some of her other sensational magazine covers, which stands out as the best?

Blender magazine November 2008

Months after her hugely popular song "I Kissed a Girl" was released, the songstress graced the November 2008 cover of Blender magazine wearing a super-cute pin-up style two-piece bathing suit that had high-waist bottoms and a bow tied in the front of the top. Her derriere is facing front as she looks over her left shoulder. A white bow headband and red and blue bracelets complete the look. So what makes it one of her best? Not only is the outfit fantastic, but it's a completely natural photo. The stylist didn't try to put her in something that didn't suit her personality, yet the ensemble is still from from boring and standard.

Interview magazine March 2012

The March 2012 cover of Interview magazine caused many to do a double take. Is that Katy or Megan Fox? Some had already said for years how the two slightly resembled each other, but the cover definitely had even more people making comparisons. The 27-year-old usually sports glam and girly styles, but in the photo she looks more like a sexy vixen with her extreme cat-eye makeup, darkened eyebrows and seductive gaze. Her hair is in a messy sky-high up-do and she's donning dangling earrings with an embellished bra top. While the aforementioned cover tailored to her personality, this cover went to the complete other end of the spectrum, which makes it a great image. It's not a side of her we're used to seeing and if there was any way for stylists to change up her look, that was the best way to go about it.

Esquire UK August 2010

If there was one cover photo she did that had everyone talking, it was the August 2010 issue of Esquire UK . The then-fiance of Russell Brand stripped down to nothing but a pair of high-waist black panties, a necklace and some ridiculously stunning black heels. She's standing straight with her right leg crossed in front of the other, her right hand on her cheek and her left hand covering her breast. The photo is stunning, risque and charming - everything the beauty is said to be on a day-to-day basis. If we were forced to choose the best cover out of the four, this one would be it.

Which magazine cover is your favorite?

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