Katy Perry Back to Blue Hair: Who Else Has Tried Blue Hair Lately?

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Katy Perry went back to blue hair, but she has had plenty of other colors.

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Katy Perry went back to blue hair, but she has had plenty of other colors.

Katy Perry has gone back to blue hair. Yesterday, the singer appeared at the Americana at Brand to promote her new line of false eyelashes.

Katy showed up in a blue car, wearing a two-toned blue dress, and blue-suede stilettos to match her blue hair.

Who else has tried blue hair lately?

Selena Gomez

Selena and her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, are living proof that the couple that dyes together stays together. In January, while the Biebs was trying out a darker hair color, Selena was adding some blue and purple streaks to her famous raven locks.

Selena has a classic beauty. Even when she's trying an edgy look, she still manages to look elegant.

Patricia Arquette

In January 2011, Patricia was spotted with purple-blue hair that she pulled back into a ponytail. That same weekend, her niece, Coco Arquette, was also spotted with blue streaks. Wonder why Courteney Cox and David Arquette didn't follow suit.

Kat Von D

In January 2011, Kat dyed her hair black with blue streaks. This was right around the time she announced her engagement to Jesse James. Neither the hair nor the relationship lasted very long.

Less than a month later, she changed it up again in favor of purple hair. As for the relationship, that didn't end so well.


In June 2011, Ke$ha debuted a new look, bright blue extensions weaved into her blonde ponytail. That's one way to bring in the summer.

Lady Gaga

In June 2011, at the MuchMusic Awards, Gaga showed off her new blue hair, armpit hair that is. The outrageous singer has had to get creative with her dye jobs. She revealed that she was experiencing early hair loss due to the constant dyeing of her hair and use of extensions.

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