Katie Holmes to Star as Single Mom in New Movie: Other Actresses to Play Single Moms

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With her split from Tom Cruise fresh in our minds, Katie Holmes is attempting to turn our attention to her film career. The brunette actress is going to star as a single mom in the upcoming movie "Molly," which she also co-wrote. According to reports, the movie will begin filming in August. Given that Katie is now a single mom, it seems like this is the perfect movie to get her career on track. Over the years, plenty of famous actresses have taken on roles as single moms. Here is a look at some of the most notable.

Michelle Pfeiffer

In the romantic comedy "One Day," the beautiful blonde star tried to juggle her career with the need to take care of her son. In order to do that, she is reluctantly forced to accept the help of George Clooney's character. This fluffy love tale isn't your typical single mother movie, but that shouldn't distract from Michelle's performance. She does a brilliant job of just how hard it is to balance work and motherhood, let alone try to have a personal life.

Helen Hunt

The former TV star landed an Oscar for her role as Carol, the female lead in the Jack Nicholson film "As Good as it Gets." She gives a heroic performance as a waitress that is working desperately to provide for her sickly son. She finds a stroke of good luck when the eccentric Nicholson provides her financial relief, but she struggles with the idea of having him in her life. The biggest reason she took home the little gold trophy is because she convinced everyone how much more important her son's life was than hers.

Renee Zellweger

Renee broke out as a star in the 1996 Tom Cruise sports movie "Jerry Maguire." She plays a secretary that puts her career on the line when she follows Cruise's sports agent out the door after he's fired. Though she believes in his mission statement, she still knows that her son has to come first. Not only does the cute little kid factor into what she wants in her career, but he also helps her figure out if Jerry is really the right man for her.

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