Katie Holmes: No Longer Mrs. Cruise! Her Love Life in Review

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After almost six years of marriage, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were able to come to a divorce settlement in two weeks. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are still battling it out over their 72-day marriage. Katie appears to be a free and happy woman. She has become quite a fixture in the New York City "mommy scene," shopping at Whole Foods and making her way around the Big Apple with Suri and security in tow.

Katie has a range of work as an actress. She has conquered drama and comedy. The "Slutty Pumpkin" brought flawless grace and her ice queen personality to play Jackie Kennedy in "The Kennedys." The "Jack and Jill" star held her own as "Erin" against consummate funnyman Adam Sandler. She also showed her chops as an investigative reporter in the satirical "Thank You For Smoking." Now, the single mom and daughter project "Responsible Adults" is up next for Suri's mom.

The thirty-three year old brunette beauty also has an interesting range in her love life. Katie's relationship resume is undoubtedly much shorter than some of her Hollywood peers' lists with only three major public relationships on record. It appears that the starlet enjoys very different men for the various stages in her life.

Let's look back at the "Loves of the Fashionable Ms. Holmes."

Tom Cruise

Cruise declared his love for Katie by jumping up and down on Oprah Winfrey's couch. Then, he started a personal one-man campaign to try to get folks to call her "Kate." By the time the two had daughter, Suri, Katie seemed ensconced in a life of Scientology. She even became a hands-on step-mom to her live-in step-children, Isabella and Connor Cruise. We all know how this fairy tale ended, with a fresh new beginning for the ex Mrs. Cruise.

Chris Klein

The "American Pie" actor and our girl next door were once an item. If Katie chooses to rebound with an ex, fans might be rooting for the handsome Chris. After all, he was her man immediately before she became a part of Camp Cruise. Despite big screen success, Klein has not had an easy road of it. He has admitted to battling alcoholism in the past.

Joshua Jackson

On "Dawson's Creek" Katie's perfect match and soulmate was, of course, her co-star Dawson. In real life, Joey Palmer's doppelganger had a different man in her sights. Joey and Pacey? Well maybe not, but Katie and Joshua J. who played Dawson's BFF were an item. The two made an adorable teen dream couple.

So, what do you think? This is her moment to focus on her daughter but when the smoke clears who should Katie date?

Sound off!

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