Katie Holmes’ Divorce Settlement: Why She Doesn’t Need Tom’s Money

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Katie Holmes’ Divorce Settlement: Why She Doesn’t Need Tom’s Money

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Don't cry for Katie Holmes. Per the general population, the annual $400,000 that she'll reportedly receive in child support from Tom Cruise is considered a windfall. In the world of high-profile celebrities, it's cab fare. Fans, critics, and "sources" have all weighed in on Holmes' financial outcome, calling it "modest," Bbt it's pretty clear that the lithe actress doesn't really need to bleed mountains of cash from Cruise's empire.

Suri Cruise

While Tom was off busying himself with the task of being Tom Cruise, he didn't realize that Katie was probably grooming Suri into a little fashionista. The child is so stylish that she'll probably be running her own clothing line by the time she's finished grade school. If you're not convinced, just take a peek at the "Haute Kid-Ture" ensembles she's been sporting since birth.

Chris Klein

Katie was always a pretty simple girl. She's been locked into the A-List community for so long that people have forgotten she was once engaged to actor Chris Klein…that is until certain rumors started swirling that they'd been seeing each other. It would appear the two have been in contact since her split with Cruise. Klein and Holmes had what could be considered a simple relationship. If they reunited romantically, Tom's cash would be the least of their concerns.

"Dawson's Creek"

Considered the "90210" for the thinking teenager, this show still resonates with viewers older and young. Although plans for a "Dawson's Creek" reunion were supposedly nixed, all the show's original players are still youthful enough to launch some sort of remake. Better yet, why not take the Creek to the big screen? It worked for Manolo-loving Carrie Bradshaw and her girls. Katie doesn't need a financial cushion from Tom Cruise because she can literally milk her "Joey Potter" alter ego until the very last cent.

Movie Time

Some have held to the belief that the "Mission Impossible" star hampered his wife's cinematic career-ultimately derailing it. But now that she's released herself from the marriage, she could focus on roles in which she could stretch. Perhaps the tumultuous experience of divorce would fuel her inner Oscar-winner.


On the August 2012 cover of Elle magazine, she bore a striking resemblance to veteran supermodel Helena Christensen. If this cover proved anything, it's that these days you don't necessarily have to star in a string of blockbuster films in order to pay for that vacation home in Greece. Just fall back onto one of your other talents. In Katie's case, it would be modeling. "The Gift" star like others, began her career that way, and from the looks of it-would fare quite well in the industry.

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