Katie Holmes Distances Herself from Scientology - Other Stars Who've Dissed the Faith

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It would appear that all hands are on deck for what could be the most explosive and public celebrity divorce in quite some time. Katie Holmes, having already filed divorce papers against Tom Cruise, has now made what legal experts call an "aggressive" move, and has filed an emergency motion in New York, and forcing a courtroom showdown on July 17th, 2012.

Katie has also made it clear that she's looking to put some distance between herself, her daughter Suri whom she had with Cruise in 2006, and the Church of Scientology, of which Tom is a major proponent. A source close to Katie made an interesting comparison, saying that for Holmes, "Every move she made and everything she did was controlled…She felt like she was in 'Rosemary's Baby'."

Holmes would certainly not be the first celebrity to diss Scientology. These celebrities have also expressed some less than kind words about the religion.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker - On their animated show "South Park," Matt and Trey pull no punches. No subject is taboo, and when it came to Scientology, a notoriously litigious group, they boldly struck out against them. In a two-part episode, parodies of Cruise, John Travolta (another well-known Scientology supporter) and even R. Kelly were used to scathingly skewer every aspect of the mythology behind the faith, and the episode wound up causing the late Isaac Hayes to leave the show. Hayes was a member of the Church of Scientology.

Bill Maher - Most everyone knows that religion in general is not something that Maher likes. After all, he's an espoused atheist who even shot a pro-atheism documentary that skewered every faith on the planet, and Scientology was not spared. In "Religulous," Maher points out that it is a very new religion and he speaks of the role of extraterrestrial life in Scientology. However, Maher did attempt to be fair by not heaping any more criticism on Scientology than he did on the other religions of the world.

Howard Stern - The shock jock and King of All Media is another comedian, that like Maher does not see Religion as a taboo. If any guests on his show are Scientologists, Stern will often make references to clay tables and other elements of the religion in a chastising way. Like Maher though, Stern is quick to point out that he doesn't favor one religious faith over another, and will lambaste them all equally.

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