Kate Winslet and Other Celeb Moms Whose Kids Have 3 Different Fathers

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Kate Winslet and Other Celeb Moms Whose Kids Have 3 Different Fathers

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Kate Winslet has been criticized for having three children with three different fathers

Kate Winslet was the subject of a scathing article that labeled her "Calamity Kate" for getting pregnant with her third child. Normally a woman having three kids would be no big deal, but Kate's case is a bit different -- her three kids will have three different fathers.

Kate and third hubby Ned Rocknroll are expecting their first child together, and the tyke will complete a trio that includes 12-year-old Mia, whose father is Jim Threapleton, and 9-year-old son Joe, whose father is Sam Mendes.

Telegraph writer Judith Woods was not impressed with Kate's baby-making skills. She began an opinion piece by saying that she blames Leonardo DiCaprio for Kate's third pregnancy before going on to explain her reasoning.

"Remember that scene in Titanic where his character, Jack, is about to slip off into the icy Atlantic and bids Rose adieu by reassuring her she will live and go on to have lots of babies?" she wrote. "Well, he missed one crucial detail; the dang dying fool only forgot to specify that they weren't supposed to be by different fathers."

Woods goes on to label Winslet's relationships "tacky" and suggests that the actress "employ a qualified relationship consultant to intervene." But why is Kate getting so much hate? It's not like she's the first star whose children have three different fathers. Here's a look at a few other female celebs with mixed-up modern families:

Mel B

This "America's Got Talent" host has a daughter named Phoenix from her first marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar and a daughter named Angel who is the result of a brief fling with actor Eddie Murphy. According to the Mirror, the former Spice Girl admitted that she wasn't happy about how things turned out during a 2010 ITV interview.

"I've got two beautiful daughters by two different fathers," she said. "I'm not very proud of that but it is what it is so I have to act accordingly -- I'm all about peace and harmony."

The singer was feeling better by 2011, which is when she and Harry Belafonte welcomed daughter Madison to the world. Mel said of her third shot at motherhood being a charm, "This time I've done it with my partner -- someone to come to every prenatal appointment with me, to get excited by every scan -- and it feels like I've finally done it right."

Melanie Griffith

This actress also hit the jackpot with the father of her third child. Her brood includes model daughter Dakota Johnson, whose father is "Miami Vice" star Don Johnson; son Alexander Bauer, whose father is actor Steven Bauer; and teen daughter Stella, whose father is "Desperado" star Antonio Banderas. According to Banderas, he and all of Melanie's kids banded together to help Melanie battle her addiction to pain pills a few years back. Griffith branded her man "the greatest guy" for sticking around through her ups and downs.

Christie Brinkley

This supermodel mom wasn't so lucky when it came to the father of her third child. Christie's brood includes daughter Alexa Ray, whose father is Billy Joel; son Jack, whose father is real estate developer Richard Taubma; and daughter Sailor, whose father is architect Peter Cook. After their divorce in 2008, Brinkley and Cook became embroiled in an ugly custody battle that didn't come to an end until June 2012. Brinkley vowed that she would never get married again after Cook's affair with a teenage assistant led to the demise of her third marriage.

Erykah Badu

This neo-soul singer has three children with three different musicians. Seven is her son with Andre 3000; Puma is her daughter with rapper The D.O.C.; and Mars is her daughter with rapper/producer Jay Electronica. Just like Brinkley, Badu is no longer with any of her children's fathers, but she's not bitter about her situation. She told the Telegraph, "I need companionship. I need a partner I can depend on, that I can love and grow with. But I do understand the nature of these men I've been with, and men in general. They have a need to chase."

So do you think that it's unfair to criticize Kate Winslet and other female celebs for having children with multiple men?

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