Kate Winslet: Hollywood’s Surprise Bad Girl?

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Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet

And just think; all this time we've been lauding over Angelina Jolie's tattoos and dangerous persona, we overlooked one of the industry's most underrated bad girls: Kate Winslet. The "Titanic" actress is noted for her proper demeanor and straightforward manner of speaking. But somehow we've underestimated the power of Winslet's spicy allure. Is there more than meets the eye? Me-thinks so. Take a closer look at these clues.

Watch out for the quiet ones.

Unlike some celebrities who rent entire blocks of space and time for the sake of Hollywood fame (cough, Kardashian), Kate lives pretty much under the radar. She may lend her appearance to the obligatory red carpet or three. Aside from that, she keeps most of her personal dealings under wraps.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Forget Jennifer Aniston's edgy, low-key Theroux-esque new style. That's old news. Real bad girls wear couture. Once persecuted for having one of the curvier figures in Hollywood, Kate's overall style is rooted in understated elegance. She doesn't go too far out on a limb, fashion-wise-but rather, makes vintage styles look fresh. The perfect secret weapon of a femme fatale.

Man-eater Tendencies?

It is perhaps her split from hubby/producer Sam Mendes that started it all. The divorce came as a surprise to most of us. But no ugly gossip ensued, and the pair quietly went their separate ways. Well, maybe not so quietly…

Some might even say that she has a thing for sweeping film directors off their feet. Prior to her marriage to Mendes, she was married to "Hideous Kinky" director Jim Threapleton; they too met while working on set. Coincidence? Probably. (side eye)

Post Divorce Transformation

And speaking of her divorce. Just a few blinks afterward something fascinating happened. Kate suddenly became hot. She's always been classically pretty. Perhaps even a little "proper" looking. However, her new look was tinted with the unmistakable air of "free woman feistiness."

She's a Real Life Hero

Another thing we really like is heroes. And the "Titanic" star became one when she rescued tycoon Richard Branson's 90 year-old mother in a fire. This, for obvious reasons, also makes her extremely cool.

The Boyfriend

Shortly after their divorce in 2010, she was snapped cavorting around with stunning model, Louis Dowler. But their fling was ultimately short-lived. And now the word has spread that Kate didn't split in the nicest way. In fact, if you want to believe the stories, she abruptly ended things and ultimately stole away with a married billionaire named Ned Rocknroll. (I really can't make this stuff up.) Ok, ok---so details are sketchy on that whole situation. But one thing is certain: when you leave a handsome male model crying in his beer because you've kicked him to the curb, that's pretty gangster.

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