Kate Walsh's 'Shape' Cover Vs. Jennifer Aniston's 'GQ' Cover: How Do These Nude Covers Compare?

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Kate Walsh and Jennifer Aniston both stunned in nude covers recently.

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Kate Walsh and Jennifer Aniston both stunned in nude covers recently.

Kate Walsh has made some waves on the March cover of Shape Magazine where she posed nude. As she explained, "I was terrified, but I really wanted to do a naked cover-especially with Shape, because the magazine is about loving yourself inside and out."

Kate's cover is quite a change from her character on Drew Carey. At first, I wondered if the photo had been airbrushed, but then I remember that she had worn a fat suit for that role.

It's worth comparing this daring cover to Jennifer Aniston's nude GQ cover (the January 2009 cover, not the more recent March 2012 cover with Paul Rudd).

Fabulously Forty

In 2009, the former "Friends" star posed nude for GQ right around the time of her 40th birthday. Meanwhile, Kate appeared nude on the cover of Shape at age 44. Both women seem to be sending the message that women over forty could still have rockin' bodies.


Jennifer's cover had a patriotic Fourth of July theme. GQ really showcased her as an all-American woman, complete with red, white, and blue tie, and blond highlights. Meanwhile, Kate's cover had a more general theme of health and wellness, complete with headlines like "How She Stays This Hot at 44" and "lose that arm jiggle."

Both ladies are nude, except for one strategic item. Jen rocks the patriotic tie while Kate is wearing an enormous ring. (If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it?)


Both ladies look great in their respective covers. The major difference is that GQ presents Aniston in a more sexualized way. Her cover, as well as the inside photos show her in more provocative settings. While GQ showcases Jen as eye-candy for male audiences, Shape showcases Kate as a role model for female audiences.

Which over-40 cover girl do you prefer? Will you be picking up this month's issue of Shape?

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