Kate Upton Stuns in Sexy Mercedes Ad: Other Super Bowl Commercials that Were Too Hot to Handle

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Move Over Gisele Bundchen, Because Kate Upton is Hottest

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2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Kate Upton.

Kate Upton is so hot that she doesn't need to say a word. Ok... she says four words, but that's not a lot when it comes to most Super Bowl commercials.

One of the first Super Bowl commercials to get leaked ahead of the big game features the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model prancing about in a tight black tank and itty bitty cutoff jeans with a lot of suds and bubbles. In the promo for Mercedes-Benz, Upton is featured in a video titled "Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion."

Of course in a twist of Super Bowl satire, Kate doesn't actually get her freshly manicured hands wet with the washing, but instead inspires a crowd of beefy football fans to wash the care for her as she wiggles about. The ad is already garnering a load of grief due to the fact that it has very little to do with the car and has a lot to do with something else.

Here are a few of the other Super Bowl commercials that have been considered too hot to handle:

GoDaddy: The Internet service has been using beauties to promote its services in the Super Bowl for years. These days babes like Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels serve as the faces of the brand, but it was a pure case of sex sells back in 2005 when they purchased their first advertising spot during the big game. Their debut ad poked fun of the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction from 2004 and featured a well-endowed model having issues with her blouse as she testifies before a panel. The spot was scheduled to air twice during the game, but was pulled by the Fox network before the second airing.

Adriana Lima: The Victoria's Secret model is so hot that she was picked to star in not one, but two major Super Bowl commercials in 2012. For Teleflora, the model was featured getting dressed up for a night on the town before stopping to remind the guys that they would be rewarded for purchasing flowers for Valentines' Day. In the second ad for Kia, Lima is shown waving a checkered flag on a raceway in a dream sequence.

Sketchers: In 2011, it was Kim Kardashian who steamed things up for the sneaker brand that ended with some major backlash. In the spot, which features the scantily clad reality star sweating it up with an unnamed man, the star is supposed to be promotes the Sketchers Shape Up product line. Unfortunately, the company would later pay a big price for the ad which was deemed to be deceptive to consumers by the Federal Trade Commission. Earlier this year, Sketchers agreed to pay $40 million in refunds due to deceptive advertising for the product line.

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