Kate Middleton's First Royal Christmas Won't Be a Relaxing Holiday

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Kate Middleton's First Royal Christmas Won't Be a Relaxing Holiday

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Prince William and Catherine at charity dinner in October.

Although it may seem that Kate Middleton has a very enviable life, this Christmas you might thank your lucky stars that you don't have to go through what she will over the holidays. In fact, we don't envy her one bit. A first Christmas with your new husband might ideally be a cozy, relaxing time spent at home cuddling by the fire, but it certainly won't be that way for the royal couple.

Princess Catherine will be spending her first royal Yule with Prince William and the entire royal family at Sandringham manor, Queen Elizabeth's retreat in Norfolk, England. None of the Duchess' relatives will be invited, including her younger sibling, Pippa. She'll have to fend for herself, and a royal source told US Weekly that she will "quickly learn that this is not like any Christmas she has had."

The stunning brunette will be expected to change her outfit five times a day. Can you even imagine trying to impress your new grandmother-in-law, the queen? We think the pressure might be more than a little overwhelming. Middleton will not be able to show up in the same clothing twice.

The Duchess of Cambridge is required to wear a casual outfit for breakfast, a smart outfit with a hat for the morning church service, a dress for lunch, a cocktail dress for early evening drinks and a full-length dress for the evening meal. All outfits will have to be sure to please the queen, and not be too revealing or too short. All eyes will be on her every move.

What do you think she'll choose to wear? A perfect choice in our eyes is an elegant gown in red. Middleton shines, exuding both royalty and beauty in the rich color. It's the color that makes her glow, and ideal for the stunning appearance she'll be required to make. Earlier this fall, Kate was the talk of the evening at a fundraising gala wearing a red silk jersey "Sarai" dress with billowing sleeves by Beulah London.

While the Princess' holiday may be a lot more stressful than the holidays of more average folks, we think the beautiful Catherine will rise to the occasion with elegance and grace, as always.

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