Should Kate Middleton Be the New Role Model for Pregnant Celebrities?

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Should Kate Middleton Be the New Role Model for Pregnant Celebrities?

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

In the Goldilocks world of the media, Kate Middleton is managing her pregnancy just right.

Unlike the also-pregnant Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson, who have been criticized for their ballooning figures, the British beauty has gained weight only in her belly, making her baby bump look more like a bolt-on that was surgically attached to an otherwise slim body.

In recent days, Waity Katy (now counting down to her first baby's royal entrance) has been photographed wearing a clingy knit dress and retro sheath, both of which met with oohs and aahs of approval in the media.

"The Duchess of Cambridge was the essence of spring when she visited the Willows Primary School in Manchester, England, on Wednesday, showing off her growing- but tiny! -baby bump in a navy and raspberry print Erdem shift dress," wrote a blogger for omg!.

Channeling her inner Grace Kelly at a charity event last night, the lush brunette was described by another writer as "lovely" in the "50s-style frock . . . detailed with a ruched waist and A-line shape to flatter her growing bump."

If the pretty princess showed up in a burlap sack cinched with a rubber band, the press would no doubt print, "The clever outfit perfectly complemented her pregnant form."

Not all preggo celebs are so lucky -- clearly.

At the top of the list is the beleaguered Kim Kardashian, whose every maternity fashion foible turns into a news story. Recently she was accused of "parading that baby bump around" and "flaunting her ever-growing belly" in an outfit described as a "raunchy number," while a nude colored mini-dress was dubbed "a bit of a fash disaster."

So much ink has been spilled about the celebutante's maternal weight gain that a posse of celebs -- from Gwyneth Paltrow to Helena Christensen -- have risen to her defense. "It is disgusting and despicable the way that certain media constantly harass the pregnant Kim Kardashian. It's enough that they persistently project a negative focus on women's physical shapes; but a public bullying and attacking of a pregnant woman because of her growing shape is just lower than low," the supermodel wrote in an open letter published on HuffPo.

Meanwhile, when Jessica Simpson was accused by Joy Behar on "The View" of gaining too much baby weight, feisty Sarah Palin punched back. "This isn't even an issue," she said, "Hollywood . . . is full of itty-bitty people, people [who are] unrealistically tiny."

The former veep candidate failed to mention the skinny minnie princess across the pond, whose petite pregnant body and modest maternity fashions have made her the media's role model for celebrity mothers-to-be. Comparing them to the ravishing royal, TMZ recently taunted her American counterparts in a cutting headline: "Not All Famous Preggo Chicks Have to Be HUGE."

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