Kate Middleton, Prince William to Have a Daughter?

Duchess Catherine is Back to Her Normal Schedule of Engagements, and May Have Let the Royal Baby’s Gender Slip

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Kate Middleton, Prince William to Have a Daughter?

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Duchess Catherine, aka Kate Middleton, is thought to be expecting a baby girl after a comment she made …

Royalists and well-wishers are happy to see Kate Middleton, aka Duchess Catherine, feeling better from her winter bout with hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness). She debuted her "baby bump" on a trip with William to Switzerland for a friend's wedding (though she discretely wore a coat for the press photos). This week saw a visit to the seaport town of Grimsby, where she was in high spirits, feeling good ... and perhaps gave away the baby's gender.

A Teddy Bear for Kate's D …

At Grimsby, Kate greeted an adorable little girl in a princess costume and a cute little boy who will forever regret picking his nose during his moment in the royal spotlight. She revealed to one woman that her baby is kicking quite a lot, "very much so."

But the biggest revelation came when the Duchess accepted a teddy bear from an onlooker.

"Thank you, I will take that for my d …" Catching herself, Kate stopped.

The woman then commented, "You were going to say daughter, weren't you?"

"No, we don't know."

"Oh, I think you do," the woman countered.

"We're not telling!" Kate replied, moving on.

There's been speculation that Kate was going to say "dog," but it seems pretty likely that "daughter" was what almost escaped.

"I only hope she doesn't now give birth to a boy, or I'm going to look pretty stupid," said one of the fans standing nearby the "teddy bear lady."

Prince William, Kate Baby Third in Line to the Throne

Regardless of the baby's gender, William and Kate's baby will be third in line to the throne, following William's dad Prince Charles, and Prince William himself. Currently in the third spot is William's brother, Prince Harry.

In 2011, Prime Minister David Cameron agreed to change the rules on the royal line of succession so that male heirs will no longer be given priority. Up to that time, Britain adhered to a 1351 rule of male primogeniture, where first-born royal daughters were bumped from their spots in the royal succession by younger royal brothers. That tradition will not apply to William and Kate's baby.

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