Kate Middleton is Pregnant - 5 Reasons Prince William and Kate Middleton Will Be Great Parents

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Kate Middleton is Pregnant - 5 Reasons Prince William and Kate Middleton Will Be Great Parents

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Kate Middleton is pregnant and she'll be a wonderful parent.

The Royal Palace has issued the biggest news of the year; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child, according to ABC News. The entire world has been watching Kate Middleton closely ever since her royal wedding to Prince William, waiting for this announcement. There is no doubt that the royal couple will make excellent parents. Here is a look at why they will be a great mum and dad.

Experience with Paparazzi

Prince William knows too well how unrelenting the paparazzi can be. He and Middleton will be vigilant when it comes to protecting their children from the spotlight. All of the couple's children will likely enjoy a sense of privacy that most celebrity kids don't have the chance to experience.

Loving Relationship

Unlike the relationship between Prince Charles and his first wife, William and Kate have a loving and supportive relationship. The love they have for each other will clearly translate to a happy and healthy home life for this baby, and for any children the couple has after this one.

Strong Work Ethic

The couple could easily have taken the easy road in life. They royal family has more than enough money that Kate and William could have spent their days vacationing and relaxing. Instead, the couple has shown a dedication to working for causes that they both believe in. Prince William is still active in the military, and Kate has devoted herself to charitable causes. The Duke will remain in the military until at least 2013. The two will set a great example for their children to work hard, despite the family's vast wealth.

Dedication to Normalcy

In addition to keeping their day jobs, the couple has shown a desire to maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives. Middleton is known to do her own grocery shopping, and even pushes her own shopping cart when she does it. The two will do an excellent job of showing their children a somewhat normal life, if the life of a royal can ever be "normal."

Support of the People

Prince William and Kate Middleton are beloved by people in their country and around the world. Although fans of the royal couple are always looking for new information and pictures, their subjects are sensitive to the couple's need for privacy. The couple's children will be loved by all.

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