Kate Hudson's Character on 'Glee' - "Mean and Petty" or Just Fierce and Driven?

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Kate Hudson's Character on 'Glee' - "Mean and Petty" or Just Fierce and Driven?

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Kate Hudson

Ryan Murphy's been on Twitter again tantalizing Gleeks with hints about the plot developments for Season 4 and pictures taken on set. The latest twitpic features Kate Hudson in a fierce, sexy pose with a male dancer. Well, we already knew her character was a dance instructor at fictional performing arts college NYADA in New York, but little more has emerged about Cassandra July - until now!

"Glee" veteran Jane Lynch recently told E!, "I read the scripts and they're hilarious. She gives Rachel a really hard time." Apparently the dance teacher is a force to be reckoned with. According to Lynch (who knows a thing or two about playing a tough character, her Sue Sylvester is the glee club's arch nemesis), "She's mean and petty and yet there's a heart there too."

You can definitely see Cassandra's fire in the picture. Hudson channels the confidence (arrogance?) and passion of an artist who's attained master status, but is still youthful enough to enjoy it.

Hudson's a consummate professional, who could pull off just about any role she tackles, but here are a few reasons this one may have special appeal for the "Almost Famous" star.

First Love - although she's spent most of her career as an actress in non-musical films, dancing is a first love for Hudson. She began taking lessons at the tender age of 3, a full seven years before she took up acting at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

Life Choice Rewind - after attending the Crossroads Performing Arts high school in Santa Monica, the "Fools Gold" star was accepted to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, but her career accelerated right past the learning phase, when she was offered several feature film roles. Not surprisingly she chose to work in entertainment rather than train for the job.

The "Glee" role gives Hudson a rare opportunity to explore what performing arts university life might have been like. Can you say having my cake and eating it too?

Exploring New Options - the bubbly blond's career has been defined by her funny girl and romantic comedy roles. However she's shown she has the chops to deliver meatier characters, like Penny Lane in "Almost Famous" and Amy Stanton in "The Killer Inside Me."

Hudson, like many feature film actresses (Jessica Lange and Uma Thurman come to mind) seems to be exploring what TV has to offer, and we think it's going to make for some fantastic small screen viewing this fall.

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