Kate Gosselin Loses Coupon Clipping Job: Is She Her Own Worst Enemy?

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Kate Gosselin Loses Coupon Clipping Job: Is She Her Own Worst Enemy?

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Kate Gosselin

When Kate Gosselin joined CouponCabin.com as a coupon blogger in November 2011, many thought that perhaps she'd be the perfect fit. After all, who knows shopping bargains better than a mother of eight? Alas, things just don't seem to be working out for the reality mom. The reality mom recently lost her blogging gig as a coupon expert. As this announcement comes on the heels of other regrettable news, it causes one to wonder if maybe Kate is her own undoing.

About CouponCabin.com…

Kate was accused of lying in her column, telling readers that she'd done home repairs herself, when in fact she was on the road. Per the company, Kate didn't make it in the cutthroat world of coupon clipping because of her failure to convey "authenticity." The CEO of the company also shared that she didn't fit in with the "wonderful team and culture" of the company, which seems like the world's most thinly veiled insult. However, if you're really doing things like telling fibs in your column, authentic doesn't come immediately to mind. According to sources, Gosselin's pesky public security demands were also a contributing factor. As we consider this story, we're reminded of similar ones.

Like the allegations of fussy hotel room and menu demands…

On completely separate occasions, some of the egregious demands include over-the-top hotel room requests and a very specific, extensive room service menu for herself and her family. Per the tell-all, "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World," Kobe beef and organic blueberries are just a few of the items on the list.

When she was on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2010, many claimed to have witnessed the same diva-like behavior. It's been reported that the show's staff had to contact Kate through her bodyguard. We won't even mention her dance partner Tony Dovolani's thoughts on Kate.

Kate Gosselin: The Anti-Agist

During a chat with Bravo's Andy Cohen, she playfully admitted that she happens to be one of the few in the world who "de-ages." Promptly conjuring images of botox needles and tummy tucks, Kate's statement created yet another hotbed of criticism. How much surgery has she really had? These questions and others re-surfaced in the headlines.

Unlucky in Love?

Perhaps where it counts - her love life - her appearance remains irrelevant. Rumors that she'd lined up a dating reality show were quickly shot down; no network would air it. Even Gosselin, still single three years after her divorce, admits that she's not exactly the hottest commodity. On the other hand, some might say that the proof is in her televised marriage to ex, Jon Gosselin.

Bad Press…

The controversial book that threatens Kate's public image was removed from Amazon.com, while the leaked tidbits remain in question. In the meantime, critics continue to highlight the evidence of her misfortune. It's probably a good thing that her children aren't allowed to Google. Public opinion can be cruel. But in light of the events surrounding the Pennsylvania native, it's only natural to consider that she might be the root of her own troubles.

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