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Kat Von D

In 2010, celebrity TV programs and websites were abuzz with the news that Kat Von D and Jesse James (a.k.a. Sandra Bullock's ex) were engaged. In July 2011, the couple announced their split, surprisingly just after the tattooed beauty got a portrait of James tattooed on her body.

Many people feel that tattoos of names and faces of romantic partners is bad news, as many of the relationships end and one party is left with a permanent reminder of their failed relationship. The "LA Ink" star, being no exception, has a few other not-so-hot tattoos. The following are my picks for Kat Von D's five worst tattoos.

Face Tattoos

While I think the queen of ink wears her face tattoos well, I think she'd be more beautiful without them. She has numerous stars around her left eye, temple and forehead, and a small thunderbolt under her right eye. She's a beautiful woman, she shouldn't paint the peacock. Think about it: what woman wants her face to have something in common with Mike Tyson's?

Jesse James in her Armpit

Getting a tattoo of any guy is a mistake, especially if you aren't married to him. I'll cover that topic in more detail below. But as a separate issue, the reality star got a tattoo of her ex-fiance, Jesse James, in her armpit. In the future, each time she shaves, puts on deodorant or simply gets clammy in her pits, she'll think of her lost love.

Flower under her chin

The reality star has been credited with being covered in tattoos without looking trashy. Her individualism and confidence is considered sexy to many of her fans. However keeping the word "trashy" in mind, I find the flower under her chin to be less than classy. The tat lover says the flower tattoo is from her drinking days, saying she wanted to give people something to look at when she took a shot of alcohol.

Oversized "Mi Vida Loca" On Her Back

The beautiful tattoo artist's "Mi Vida Loca" tattoo on her back is a bit overwhelming. It spans her entire upper back, from shoulder to shoulder. "Mi Vida Loca" is Spanish for "My Crazy Life". Indeed, Kat, indeed. On the bright side, it's better than Nick Cannon's full upper-back tattoo, "Mariah".

Any Tattoos For Guys

The inked star does not seem to learn her lesson. She continues to get tattoos in honor of the (temporary) men in her life. She has a tattoo of the letter "J", for her childhood sweetheart named James. Years later, the ink lover got a matching tattoo with her boyfriend, Nikki Sixx, of Motley Crue. More recently, as mentioned above, she got a tattoo of Jesse James' face under her arm. She also has her ex-husband's name tattooed all over her body, and had laser removal of the portrait of him on her thigh.


The raven haired tattooist is a portrait artist, so she is really into getting images of people, living or dead, on her body. When you check out her images online, everywhere you look you'll find people staring back at you. I imagine it would be odd for her lovers to catch a glimpse Carmen Miranda looking back at them while they are alone with the star. Creepy!

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