Kat Von D and Other Celebs with Regrettable Breakup Tattoos

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Kat Von D has a regrettable tat.

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Kat Von D has a regrettable tat.

Kat Von D and Jesse James sort of shocked the world when they announced their breakup this week, but Kat has a memento of their relationship that's got to be pretty painful (even more so if she has it removed). In a preview of the new season of her reality show "L.A. Ink," she adds to her impressive collection of tats by getting a childhood photo of Jesse tattooed on her ribcage (creepy!).

However, she's not the only celeb with a regrettable tattoo honoring an ex. Kat was actually the artist that covered Denise Richards "Charlie" tattoo with a fairy, although Charlie Sheen probably would have preferred a warlock.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker split back in January, and by April it appeared that Eva had erased her ink honoring her ex -- she was photographed without her wedding date, 7 - 7 '" 2007, on her wrist. However, the "Desperate Housewives" star later explained that she simply hadn't washed off the makeup used to cover it up for the show. The optimistic actress plans on keeping it, saying of her body art, " It's funny - I don't have regrets, even with my tattoos."

Angelina Jolie did decide to have her "Billy Bob" tattoo removed after she and actor Billy Bob Thornton broke up. She said of the ink, "I'll never be stupid enough to have a man's name tattooed on me again." She seems to have stayed true to her word so far, but Angie has since replaced her tribute to Billy Bob with the coordinates of the birthplaces of her partner Brad Pitt and all of their kids.

Megan Fox got lucky with her "Brian" tattoo -- she and "90210" star Brian Austin Green split in 2009, but she it's a good thing she didn't make her tattoo a temporary one by having it removed via laser. She and Brian have since gotten married, although he had to be just a little bit upset to discover that Megan's costar Shia LaBeouf got to read his intimately-placed name a few times during their time apart.

Then there are celebs like Pamela Anderson and Johnny Depp who have opted to slightly alter their ex tattoos. After Pammy and rocker Tommy Lee split, she had the "Tommy" tattoo on her finger changed to "Mommy." She also has another memento from her days with the rock star -- she contracted hepatitis C from sharing a tattoo needle with him (how romantic!). After Johnny and Winona Ryder split, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor opted to only remove part of his "Winona Forever" tattoo, making it read "Wino Forever."

Sadly, now Depp's tat could refer to the late, great Amy Winehouse. There were once rumors that she was planning to cover up the "Blake" tattoo on her chest, but it seems that Amy was put to rest with the ink still intact. Her ex-hubby/fellow druggie Blake Fielder-Civil said of her death, "I will never ever again feel the love I felt for her. Everybody who knew me and knew Amy knew the depth of our love. I can't believe she's dead."

So from the tolerable to the bad to the sad, these celebrities are all proof that you should always think before you ink.

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