The Kardashian Barbie Dolls Plus 5 More Bizarre Barbies

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Kim Kardashian Barbie doll -- really?

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Kim Kardashian Barbie doll -- really?

Will the Kardashian sisters be coming soon to a Toys 'R Us near you?

According to Us Magazine, reality star Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney will be immortalized as Barbie dolls in an upcoming limited-edition doll line. The dolls will even reflect the K-girls' measurements and may come in Kardashian-designed outfits.

But will it cause outrage among collectors of the beloved doll line? (Because, let's face it, Barbie never made a sex tape!)

While we mull over the thought of plastic Kardashians (too easy-- sorry), let's take look at five more bizarre Barbie lines that were more controversial than kid kid-friendly.

"Mad Men" Barbie Line

Barbie and Ken with martinis and cigs? In 2010, the AMC series "Mad Men" licensed with Mattel to manufacture an adult Barbie line based on the unsavory characters from the 1960's-set series. The doll line-- which depicted John Hamm's ad exec character Don Draper, his wife Betty, partner Roger Sterling, and office manager Joan Holloway-- had the Parents Television Council in a tizzy. Check out a group shot of the retro motley crew here.

Elly May Barbie

Elly who? Kids across America had no idea who this pig-tailed chick was-but her real life persona sure did. The controversy with this Barbie doll -- based on an old school "Beverly Hillbillies" character, Elly May Clampett -- came when actress Donna Douglas sued CBS and Mattel for using her "name, likeness, image and attributes as Elly May." In 2011 the suit was settled out of court. Check out Elly in real and in doll form here.

Tattoo Barbie

In 2011, a tattooed Barbie was introduced by Tokidoki, a Japanese art and anime-inspired fashion house. The edgy doll -- labeled "for the adult collector" -- featured a pink haired, stiletto-wearing Babs, sporting permanent body art on her upper body. The doll caused controversy among irate parents who preferred Barbie sans tats, but all 7400 units of the doll quickly sold out. Check out the inked up Barbie here.

Pregnant Midge

Barbie's virginity is apparently still intact, but the same can't be said for her promiscuous friend, Midge! Yes, Barbie's BFF had a bun in the oven-and at one point even appeared to be an unwed mother! The pregnant Midge doll, which housed a curled up baby inside Midge's detachable stomach, was part of Mattel's "Happy Family" line. And although Midge did have a hubby (Alan-- who is no Ken, by the way) her pregnant self was pulled off of Wal-Mart store shelves back in 2002. Not such a happy ending for her!

"The Birds" Barbie

And finally, this one was enough to scare the daylights out of any child. Modeled after Tippi Hedren's character from Alfred Hitchcock's iconic 1963 flick "The Birds," this 2008 Black Label collection Barbie came complete with demonic black birds attached to it- and a warning to parents: "The Birds is rated PG-13. Consult for further information." You can check out this terrifying doll here.

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