Kanye West and Kim Kardashian - How Long They May Last

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Sometimes opposites don't attract, and in the case of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West that couldn't be more true. It's a match made in Publicists' Heaven. Two celebrities who are never afraid to pull a stunt to grab some spotlight are now officially out as a couple. Kim and Kanye were spotted over the weekend at a New York City restaurant and a photo was snapped of the two, looking happy, hands and arms crossed onto each other, big smiles on their faces.

Though neither has said if the relationship is serious or not, Kim's sister Khloe told "Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen that she doesn't think it's quite there yet. Though Kanye is " great with the family," according to the younger Kardashian it's too early to tell how serious the romance is. She did say that knowing Kanye for nine years adds a familiarity so it's not like a stranger walking into their lives.

The question of course now becomes "just how long can Kanye and Kim stay together?" It's only fair to guess whether her budding relationship with West is just one more cooked-up grab at some attention for both celebs.

It's Real And They're Going to Love Each Other Forever and Ever - If we let go of our cynicism and look at this couple in an unbiased light, there are actually a few things that make them quite viable for a long-term love affair. For starters, the fact that they're both in love with their own hype and fame could mean that they understand each other much more than anyone else ever has with either of them. Both Kim and Kanye are driven to be successful, and are willing to do whatever it takes to promote their latest project. Imagine the power they could harness if they team-up as one tour de force of publicity stunts! As Khloe said too, they've known each other long enough now that there could also be a comfort level and intimacy of knowledge of one another that could help foster a long-lasting relationship.

Once They Stop Trending on Twitter, It's Over - Okay, maybe it won't be that short-lived, but let's not kid each other. The fact that they are both publicity hounds is a double-edged sword. Sure, it could provide them that common ground they need, or it could act as a wedge. What happens if Kanye's next album goes triple platinum and he's suddenly a much, much bigger star than Kim? What happens if Kim's next endeavor makes her more popular than Kanye? Worse yet for the two, what happens if one or both of them fall out of the public eye, will they other be able to be in a relationship with someone who's not famous? The bottom line is that because of their public personas and reputations, no one may ever accept that they're actually in a loving relationship and not in a mutually beneficial business arrangement.

What do you think? How long will Kim and Kanye last?

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