Will Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Dating and 'Theraflu' Cure Kris Humphries' Publicity Woes?

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Kanye West's "Theraflu" could be just the medicine that Kris Humphries needs to help him recover from Kim Kardashian.

Kris became almost as hated as Kim after their divorce was televised, with a lot of people agreeing that both parties are equally evil. However, Kanye's profession of love for Kim might actually end up making Kris look deserving of just a little pity.

In "Theraflu," Kanye raps this line: "And I'll admit I fell in love with Kim/'Round the same time she had fell in love with him." It's pretty obviously that he's referring to Kim's relationship with the Humph, especially since he goes on to sing this: "Well that's cool, babygirl, do your thing/Lucky I ain't had Jay drop him from the team."

Kanye might not say that Kim was messing around with him and Kris at the same time, but that line won't do anything to help quell the affair rumors Kim is currently dealing with. Star magazine has claimed that Kim cheated on Kris with Kanye, a report that Gossip Cop tried to debunk. However, it's unlikely rumors about Kim's cheating heart will die down anytime soon - after all, Amber Rose has also accused the reality show star of cheating with Kanye. The video vixen claimed that Kim had an affair with the rapper back when she was dating Reggie Bush. Even Khloe Kardashian has confirmed that Kimmy and Yeezy have tried to date "here and there."

But now for the biggest bombshell of them all - TMZ is reporting that Kim and Kanye are officially dating.

Even though there's no proof that Kim cheated on anyone with Kanye, she makes it seem like a possibility by hooking up with him now. Here's the type of tabloid tale you might soon see about their relationship: Kim fell for Kanye while she was with Kris, but realized it would look bad to leave her hubby for the rapper. So instead she cheated on him and decided to stay in her sham marriage just long enough to create some drama for her reality show. She then made sure to stay away from Kanye for a little while after the divorce. Now that an appropriate amount of time has passed, she has decided to start dating him. And Kris Jenner wet her Depends with excitement when she heard the news (you're welcome, Star).

In addition to the cheating rumors, Kris might also get a few pity points because of Kanye's crazy attack on him in "Theraflu." The rapper basically says that he wanted to abuse his power by having his BFF, New Jersey Nets part-owner Jay-Z, kick Kris off of the team. Threatening to ruin Kris' NBA career just because Kim chose him over Yeezy makes the rapper sound like a bitter jerk, but maybe Kim finds the attack on her ex sexy or something.

Perhaps people will feel a little pity for Kris now that he has been needlessly attacked by Kanye, especially since things might get even worse for him with Kanye dating Kim - Yeezy is the man who wasn't afraid of hurting Taylor Swift's feelings, after all, so there's no telling what else he'll say about the Humph.

If nothing else, Kris has this going for him - right now people are probably going to be too busy being disgusted by Kanyashian to pay much attention to him. So maybe he should thank Kim and Kanye for coming up with their little publicity ploy (surely it's no coincidence that they were spotted out on a date the same night that "Theraflu" was released).

So do you think Kim and Kanye's relationship will help Kris' image? Sound off in the comments!

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